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Christian Nodal makes history and will tour the land of his ex-partner, Belinda, will he visit her?

Christian Nodal, the star singer of the Regional Mexicano, does not stop making history. The singer from Caborca, Sonora will tour from Mexico to Madrid, Spain, non-stop.

Nodal will travel to Europe to perform in one of the most important cities in the worldThis is how he announced it from his official Instagram account where he pointed out that the scheduled date for the event is May 20, 2023.

Christian has positioned himself as one of the most important offers in terms of Mexican sounds.

At 23, he is the idol of millions of people who applaud the talent of the young creator of the “mariacheño”, the fusion of mariachi and norteño that people knew they needed and is now the perfect description for the composer’s style.

The star will perform the recital in a place known as the Wizin Center, which is one of the most modern and emblematic in which up to 15,000 people can also fit.

It should be remembered that this has also caused a stir with the followers of the group, because those who know her life story remember that Belinda, The former partner of the singer and with whom he planned to marry is originally from that city.

Belinda and Nodal repeatedly traveled to Spain to visit the celebrity’s family, it was also in Barcelonaanother of the most exclusive cities in that country where he gave her the engagement ring and asked her to marry him, this happened on May 25, 2021 when they were only nine months old.

The stars did not last long, in February 2022 they ended their engagement and in May of the same year Nodal was already very close to a girl named Cazzu, who turned out to be one of the greatest exponents of trap music in Argentina, site where it originates from and where millions of people know it.

Now Nodal does not talk about Belinda anymore and lives his romance freely with Cazzualthough they do not give many details about their love, they have already been seen in public and there are those who assure that they have plans to settle in a place, buy a house to live together and have a large family with children.

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