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Christian Nodal and Cazzu return from Marc Anthony’s wedding to record a video in Mexico | VIDEO

After being invited to the wedding of Marc Anthony and Nadia, the Mexican singer Christian Nodal and his girlfriend cazzu They returned to Mexico for the Argentine to record one of the most anticipated video clips of the year, which she has done in collaboration with the rapper star, the Santa Fe Klan and the Blue Angels.

According to Chamonic, Nodal and Cazzu were present at the wedding of Marc Anthony and Nadia, he assures that there is a photo that proves itbut that will not come out until the magazine to which they sold the exclusive makes them known.

After this event, Cazzu confirmed through his official Instagram account that he is in Mexico City.

The trap star originally from Argentina uploaded a photograph to her Instagram account in which she appears with a bouquet of flowersbut also added the location that corresponds to the capital site.

And it is that this afternoon videos were viralized where the famous appears with her partner Christian Nodal in one of the streets of CDMX.

The users who released the recording assure that it is the arrival of Cazzu for his collaboration with the Santa Fe Klan and Los Ángeles Azules, although the other celebrities were not captured.

The couple arrive hand in hand and are surprised by several people who are waiting to greet them and take a picture with them.Although they do not stop and limit themselves to just smiling, as they are focused on reaching the call, since it is seen how they enter a place with controlled access.

Neither Los Ángeles Azules nor the Santa Fe Klan uploaded any images corresponding to the time of recording, but some were leaked on networksand this collaboration is known because the Guanajuato rapper confirmed in 2022 that he would carry out a song with Nodal’s girlfriend and with the stars of Iztapalapa.

“I have a song that is almost out with Los Ángeles Azules and with Cazzu. I’m working on a record of pure norteñas, rap songs with all the clika 473, with El Tornillo, with ‘El Yaqui’”he said in an interview for Los Premios de La Radio in 2022.

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