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Christian Martinoli mocks Diego Cocca’s yawning while watching Liga MX: “That’s why Martino didn’t like to go to the games”

Christian Martinoli, Mexican sports journalist for TV Azteca.

Photo: Ismael Arroyo / Imago7

The process of Diego Cocca in charge of the Mexican National Team started with a lot of energysince the Argentine coach has been present in several Liga MX matches, from the box of the stadiums and not behind a television, criticism that was made of his predecessor Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino.

The last match that Cocca attended was last Friday in which it was the resurrection of Cruz Azul who managed to add their first three points in the Clausura 2023 Tournament of the Liga MX by defeating Puebla at home.

The experienced two-time champion coach in the Mexican first division left a curious image because when the television cameras focused on him, He emitted a visible and big yawn, which quickly went viral on social networks.. Along with Diego Cocca was also Rodrigo Ares de Parga, director of National Teams.

The moment was not lost on the always controversial christian martinoliof TV Aztec, who In the transmission for Mexico together with Luis García he mocked the yawn and even attacked the level of Liga MX, although in a humorous tone and not as a reprimand.

“You saw, That’s why Martino didn’t like to go to the games. of Liga MX”, said Martinoli before the laughter of the rest of the journalists in the transmission.

For his part, Luis García commented on the already famous yawn: “Diego Cocca represents me.”

In the end, ‘La Máquina’ from Cruz Azul ended up defeating ‘La Franja’ from Puebla in an exciting way with a goal towards the end of the first half and another two in the second. The locals reacted when the two hours of the commitment were already fulfilled.

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