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Christian Martinoli did not realize that he was live and insulted the Atlas coach

Christian Martinoli during a Liga MX match.

Photo: Ismael Arroyo / Imago7

The renowned journalist Christian Martinoli was the victim of a small accident when he insulted the Atlas coach during the live broadcast of the 2023 Liga MX Closing Tournament matchday 11 between Puebla and Chivas de Guadalajara.

The communicator did not realize that the microphones were still on at the exact moment the block ended and the space went to commercials. This episode arose during the streaming of TV Azteca Deportes on YouTube.

What happened?

It all started when the commentator was debating with his teammates David Medrano, Luis García and Jorge Campos about the questioned transit of DT Rafa Puente in Pumas de la UNAM, but from one moment to the next the discussion turned to Benjamín Mora, Atlas strategist.

Campos outlined a comment about Puente with which Martinoli disagreed. “This is how it goes, dude. Let’s see if he loses or draws, ”said the former soccer player. “Güey, if they have not kicked out the Malay”; refuted the communication specialist, but his comment had to be clarified since Campos did not understand the reference and that was where Martinoli insulted Mora. “On the slope** of the Atlas”.

The situation generated strong controversy on social networks, where the clip spread like wildfire, as well as the reactions and opinions of Internet users, who took the episode with humor and at the same time supported what the journalist said.

“Oh, oh, oh, in the TV Azteca broadcast on YouTube the audio slipped in hahaha. They go with everything against Rafita Puente and Benjamín Mora”; “Even when it sneaks in, they tell the truth”; “Lies they did not tell”; “It was the same as what they commented on the broadcast, but a little more decent,” were some responses from users on Twitter.

Martinoli’s derogatory comment and the support of users on social networks are given due to the bad moment that both coaches are going through in La Liga MX. Puente accumulates 11 points and is located in 13th position in the table. In the case of the Atlas DT, he has only been able to get nine units, a single victory and is fifteenth in the standings.

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