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Choose the perfect bed for your bedroom

Choose the perfect bed for your bedroom and spend great hours refreshing sleep every night, rest, which is essential to replenish your body’s energy and helps you to be more energetic in your day-to-day life, in addition to contributing a lot to your beauty.

Choose the perfect bed for your bedroom

If you follow the recommendations of sleep eight hours a night will spend at least a third of his life lying on a bed🇧🇷 Hence the importance that must be given when choosing this piece of furniture.

In addition to looking good, the bed needs to be strong and resistant, with height and width suitable for your needs. But it’s not always easy to find all these features on the mobile, which is why we’ve prepared some tips to help with this task.

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Choose the perfect bed for your bedroom

The bunk bed can be an interesting option for the children’s room or in rooms with limited space (Photo: Disclosure)

For those who are wondering how to choose the perfect bed, the first tip is to check the size of the room. No use buying one King size bed, which is huge, beautiful and comfortable, to put her in a tiny room. On the other hand, it is also not good to buy a small bed, which barely fits you lying down.

The ideal is to reconcile the two needs, taking the measurements of the room and comparing them with the measurements of the desired bed, remembering that you need to have more space for circulation and other furniture. And before closing the deal, lie down on the bed and see if it’s comfortable for you.

Between the tips for choosing a bed it is also worth mentioning the option of beds that have built-in drawers and shelves (or servants), an interesting solution for reduced spaces. bunk beds and pull-out beds are other good alternatives.

Regarding the doubt between choosing a box bed or classic bed, compare the characteristics of each one and check which one best suits your case. The first is taller and allows you to change the headboard, but facilitates the accumulation of dust, while the second is lower and less resistant, while being easier to clean.

other tips

Beds with drawers and built-in bedside tables are increasingly in demand (Photo: Handout)

To complete the tips on how to choose the perfect bed for your bedroom, it is important to combine the bed with the decoration of the room. For more traditional styles, the wooden bed works well, but if the style is contemporary, choose a bed with a simple design.

If the decoration follows the oriental style, the bed should be lower, harmonizing with the environment, while for a rustic decoration, the bed can be made of metallic material or raw wood, with a matte finish.

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