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Cholesterol: How to control it quickly

Cholesterol is one of people’s biggest health concerns. In fact, the concern is with high levels. Situation that if not controlled can lead the person to have serious cardiovascular diseases.

It is important to know about this subject to take better care of health. At the same time, guide the people closest to you. However, it is important to emphasize that this article is not a scientific research. These are important tips, but they do not replace the professional.

So never make use of allopathic medications on your own. always consult your doctor.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a substance that is made up in human cells. Yes, it is a required component. Its function is to produce vitamin D, in addition to manufacturing important hormones.

But when you have excess cholesterol in your body, you can even have a sudden death. Therefore, care must be taken to always keep rates in balance. Thus they perform their function with the utmost perfection and without harming health.

There are two forms in which cholesterol is found in the body. Many say good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. In fact, both are important, they just can’t cross the limits.

Therefore, in the human organism there is:

  • HDL cholesterol: which has the job of controlling to eliminate the excess of the substance.
  • LDL cholesterol: which has the function of producing vitamins, but can be fixed on artery walls.

Understand what medicine teaches about high cholesterol care

Foods that can help control cholesterol

When the person has a high cholesterol rate, there are medicines that control it. But the most important thing is not to get to that point. Therefore, a healthy diet is ideal.

In addition, there are foods that act directly on the balance of cholesterol levels. The ancient Greeks said that you are what you eat. Therefore, taking care of food is developing self-care.


The main characteristic of oats is their high fiber potential. It even has fibers that are capable of eliminating cholesterol from the intestine. Doctors and nutritionists indicate the daily consumption of oatmeal.


Fish, especially those with the highest lipid content. Because they have omega-3 and fatty acids. For example, salmon and tuna are foods that greatly lower LDL cholesterol.


Beans are already an old acquaintance of Brazilian food. For he is a source of iron and vegetable proteins. Just like oats, it works to break down excess cholesterol, according to the words of specialist doctors.


Avocado is known to be full of good fat. That is, it offers energy without harming health. In addition to being an affordable and versatile product. In other words, it’s cheap and you can make several dishes with it, sweet or savory. It’s healthy without losing flavor.


Nuts are not just welcome at Christmas. Because they should be consumed whenever possible. In its benefit combo are proteins and lots of fibers. Some experts claim that if you consume them regularly, you can lower your LDL cholesterol.


Olive oil is also a good food to help fight cholesterol. The most common oil is olive oil. Avocado oil is also available. By having monounsaturated fats, it fights excess cholesterol.


Orange has a fiber called pectin. Which in turn has substances that fight LDL cholesterol. In addition, it is a source of vitamin C. Portento is a food that must be present in the person’s routine.

Cholesterol is fought with perspiration

Changing your eating routine is very important. However, there are other habits that must be part of your daily life to live a longer and healthier life. One of them is the practice of physical activity.

By moving the body, the organism understands that energy is being spent. In this way, the metabolism accelerates and the person develops a greater ability to absorb food.

In practical terms, food must be in tune with activities. In other words, what is consumed must be spent. In the organism there is no long-term investment. Therefore, integrating food with physical activity is urgent.

Avocado to fight cholesterol

Indicated exercises

Aerobic exercises, for example: walking, running, cycling, are very suitable. Mainly for putting the whole organism to work. These movements directly help lower cholesterol. As well as everything that is in excess.

There are alternative options like swimming and even dancing. The most important thing is to move your body regularly. A sedentary lifestyle charges a very expensive long-term bill.

Other types of workouts can also help your way like resistance exercises. As well as balance. The practice of yoga can be very helpful in this regard as well. For it provides the balance of body and mind.

You have high cholesterol, now what?

Everything we have indicated above helps in prevention and to avoid damage to the organism due to excess cholesterol. But if you have taken an exam and found that you already have LDL that is out of the ordinary, you need to seek the appropriate treatment.

It is not even very difficult to follow up, even through the public system. And it is worth mentioning that the neighborhood posts carry out surveys and research to accompany residents. In health plans there are care and prevention programs as well.

There is no need to panic, but it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible. Because the consequences can be the clogging of some artery that causes the infarction. That way, by following the correct guidelines everything goes back to normal.

Always alert

Health is a very serious thing, and people must learn to practice care. In other words, prevention. Thus, creating a rhythm of life within a healthy pattern is the best investment in life.

This does not mean that the person will stop enjoying, eating delicious things or drinking with friends. This is all part of a life of balance. Always remembering the old Aristotle who said: the right measure leads to happiness.

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