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‘Chisme No Like’ looked for Shakira in her mansion in Barcelona before her harsh song against Piqué

The Colombian singer plans to move to Miami in January

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The Argentine journalist Javier Cerianiwho heads the program ‘Gossip No Like’, took advantage of his stay in the city of Madrid, in Spain, to visit the house of the Colombian interpreter Shakira.

The property, from which the South American will leave once she moves to the city of Miami, was explored from the outside by Elisa Beristain’s faithful companion, who rang the doorbell to seek contact with Doña Lidia, the mother of the artist, or with someone close to him.

Despite his attempts to locate them, all he got was a response from one of the local employees, who told him that no one was home at the time.

“Is not found. There is no one here right now,” the worker shared through the intercom.

Although he was unable to speak with Shakira or her mother, “El Güero Cabaretero” managed to get the caretaker of the house to share that the family still lives in the area, although everything seems to indicate that not for a long time, since he told him that in During the month of January they should already be in the City of the Sun.

What is the house that Shakira will leave when she moves to Miami?

The residence, which is minimalist in style and is distributed over five floors, is located in the community of Esplugues de Llobregat and was built by Gerard Piqué and Shakira themselves, so it has a very special meaning for both and for your love story.

According to information from various media, the mansion was built in 2012 after disbursing close to $1,000,000 dollars.

It is made up of several bedrooms, several bathrooms, a hall, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a main room, a television room, a cinema room, a trophy room, a games room, an office , for a gym, for a bar, for a wine cellar, for an underground garage, for a laundry room, among other rooms.

Outside, it has a terrace, a barbecue area, extensive green areas, a tennis court, a resort-style pool with a waterfall and its respective spa area, among other amenities. As well as with the two properties that are inhabited by their respective parents.

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