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Chiquis Rivera walks on her back in minimal lingerie and her uncle Lupillo asks her to put on clothes

Chiquis Rivera surprised her 5.6 million followers on Instagram by sharing a steamy video in which she appeared modeling a skimpy lingerie set that exposed her voluptuous curves; but in addition to a shower of compliments his uncle Lupillo Rivera He asked her to put on clothes.

There have been several occasions on which the daughter of Jenni Rivera has shared empowering messages to make it clear that regardless of the shape of the body, every woman has the right to feel beautiful and respected, so once again she used her social networks to motivate millions of fans to follow their own ideals and not allow Never let the opinion of others affect you.

“Your superpower must be not apologizing… You! Really owning what isYou are meant to be and do in this world without being affected by the opinions of others.. It is not easy to come to this conclusion, but once you master it… You experience true happiness! With defects and everything”, reads the publication that was liked by almost 200,000 fans who, in a few hours, gave him a red heart as a sign of acceptance.

The brief recording in which Chiquis walked facing and turning her back to the camera wearing only a minimal set of black lingerie that exposed her stunning curves, she also received a shower of messages.

But this time he ended up dividing opinions, since while some admirers highlighted how beautiful she looks, some more assured that she surely underwent cosmetic surgery that left her with very good results.

“Great body”, “How beautiful”, “You look incredible”, “She is skinnier than the change looks good”, “Whatever she did favors her totally”, “What a change I love her body”, “You are very pretty ”, “We love you, chiquis, you are very beautiful as always” and “Extremely beautiful”, were just some of the messages he received.

Undoubtedly one of the comments that caught the most attention was that of Lupillo Riverawho immediately made a singular request to her niece.

Put on clothes Chiquis“He wrote, once again unleashing hundreds of reactions.

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