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Chiquis Rivera shows off her rearguard in blue leggings, showing the results of her workouts

Chiquis Rivera is proud of her curves.

Photo: Antonio Torres for Estrella Media / Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera she was seen very confident in a video that she published in her stories of instagram, which he recorded in the gym after doing his workouts. She showed off her rear while posing in skintight blue leggings, and accompanied it all with an empowering message directed at her fans: “Cellulite is s**** on some women. Don’t let her make you feel less than you are. You are beautiful”. Referring to the goals she set for herself in terms of her physique, she added: “I’m not where I want to be yet, but I’m thankful I’m not where she was. Cherish that middle phase.”

The singer also shared in another clip several recent moments that have given her satisfaction, and declared that she has confidence in God: “The sun rises for everyone, so don’t worry. Step by step, day after day, all calmly…”

with all his post chiquis He is in very good spirits in this first month of the year, and he is already preparing dates for his next concerts. She looked spectacular without makeup and recommended to her followers: “Do you want to have a successful 2023? First of all, stop putting too much pressure on yourself; don’t compare your progress to someone else’s. Focus on what you can do better.”

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