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Chiquis Rivera showed off her breasts dressed as an angel to sing to Jenni Rivera

after being fulfilled 10 years after the death of Jenni Riverahis daughter and star of the Mexican regional, Chiquis Rivera served to pay a spectacular tribute, exposing one of the greatest inheritances that his mother left him: his voice in a new version of Paloma Blanca where she left part of her boobies in sight.

Chiquis Riveraeight years after its premiere, released this version of White dove to the rhythm of the mariachi. This is for the commemoration of the death of his mother, Jenni Rivera. His interpretation drew attention, of course it did!, but her angel outfit has also given something to talk about. The Queen Bee appeared in a white dress with a rather pronounced neckline that barely covered her breasts, gloves that covered almost all of his arms and some big angel wings

The emotional video clip directed oscar eden and contains never-before-seen images of The Band Diva, Jenni Rivera. This theme comes hand in hand with the female group Mariachi Divas. In addition, produced by Cindy Shea, Ulises Lozano El Licenciado and Janney “Chiquis” Marin (Chiquis Rivera), and co-written by Marín and Claudia Brant.

This release became a great surprise for the public following of chiquis. During production, she never mentioned that she was working on a new project, even though this might be one of the most special of her career. The new version of Paloma Blanca is a letter in which the Queen Bee expresses her feelings to her mother; how much he misses her, how she has changed since her departure and how she has learned some life lessons in these 10 years since he passed away.

“My voice and my interpretation have evolved a lot in these last eight years and I feel better than ever with my music, so I decided to record it with Mariachi Divas. It will always be dedicated to my mother, who passed away ten years ago, but I also wanted to re-record it for her fans and my fans.“, commented the artist born in The Angels but of Mexican origin.

Also, chiquis revealed that at the time it was released she was not entirely happy, so she had always wanted to make a new version. “Fly high… Fly Free… Fly My White Dove. A present for you…. and at the same time for me Jenni Rivera. New Version of Paloma Blanca in Mariachi with my beautiful and talented friends @mariachidivas. The song that started it all. An important song in my personal life, as in my career, ”wrote the former de Lorenzo Mendez.

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