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Chiquis Rivera showed her thighs on Instagram from the Philippines

Chiquis from Univisionarios in Washington 2022.

Photo: Paul Morigi. /Getty Images

The singer and businesswoman Chiquis Rivera made his followers sigh with a new publication that he made from Philippines, a country to which she traveled to take an important step, as far as her personal life is concerned: meeting her boyfriend’s family. But that was no excuse for not stop showing her legs and cleavage.

IG account photo @chiquis
IG account photo @chiquis

Through their stories of instagram, Chiquis Riverawas filmed in selfie style revealing that she was partying in the Philippines revealing her thighs in a pretty and short black dress that she wore to enjoy this little vacation after having overworked in 2022 and if not, let her speak second Latin Grammy who won this year.

Chiquis Rivera she would have taken a break from her work to travel to South Asia, to enjoy and get to know not only Chinatown or the baroque church of San Agustín, but also the family of her fiancé, the photographer, audiovisual director and businessman emilio sanchez.

After her break with the also regional Mexican singer Lorenzo Mendezlove knocked on the door of the Queen bee and everything seems to be going rosy with the expert behind the lens. The same person who has had the opportunity to do photo sessions for great artists such as: Carol G., OTgenesis, CocoBlakee Y Becky Gwho is also best friends with the couple.

The interpreter and daughter of Jenni Riverarevealed in an interview that in Emilio he sees the father of his children: “He is a very nice person, very mature, and I know he would be an excellent father. He also went through a difficult relationship, so we use those things to make this relationship different, ”he told People en Español in a meeting.

Likewise, chiquis The 37-year-old assured: “For the first time in my life I can tell you that I am with someone who I feel accepts me 100% for the person I am, who really does not want to change me”, which would further fuel the rumors that for the coming 2023 the Rivera family celebrate a wedding.

Chiquis Rivera reacts to her uncles Juan and Rosie Rivera

Regarding the commemoration of the 10 years of the physical departure of Jenni Rivera, not only her daughter launched a musical theme in her memory “White dove“, but his uncles Juan Rivera and Rosie Rivera also did it and it is called “leave me the instructions“.

Many comments circulated on the networks after the premiere of the song by the brothers of The Diva of the Bandbut the answer that has given the most to talk about has been that of Chiquis Rivera, who, before generating a controversy, preferred to divert the subject in a rather peculiar way.

“I am very focused on this day, on this night, I just want to talk about it right now, December, Christmas and well, everyone can do what they want,” she said after being questioned in a round of questions.

Meanwhile, we leave you the song that the Queen Bee dedicated to her mother Jenni for the 10th. anniversary of her death.

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