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Chiquis Rivera is covered in leggings and shows her buttocks and legs routine on Instagram

Chiquis Rivera, regional Mexican singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera, at an event in Los Angeles.

Photo: Vivien Killilea. /Getty Images

The daughter of Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera, continues to give something to talk about as usual now. Very removed from the penalty and almost at the request of the public, lQueen Bee showed a bit of the intense exercise routine which he now does on a daily basis. This time he showed on Instagram how he trains the buttocks and legs.

It is no secret to anyone that The tail of the Mexican regional singer is one of the attributes that flatters her the most. In addition to the weight that she has lost, there are many who wonder what Chiquis Rivera has done to look so slim and above all very toned. Wearing black leggings that covered all her curvesheJenni Rivera’s daughter showed the different exercises she does to strengthen her buttocks and legs.

Back to a machine and with enough weight, chiquis I was literally sweating the fat drop. These exercises seem to have had an effect on the interpreter of “Because I am Queen Bee” and “The Destrampadas”. Just last Sunday he left the whole world on a heel arriving on the red carpet at the 2022 Grammy Awards in a low-cut white dress and back opening. Of course, the networks did not stop commenting on how beautiful it looked.

Just today the ex of Chiquis Rivera, Lorenzo Mendezgave an interview in Telemundo in which he was asked about his ex’s nomination for the grammy and having won a Latin Grammy last November 2022: “I love it, I love it. I was nominated 4 times and won 2 Latin Grammys when I was in La Original Banda El Limón and I had to work… write some songs for Chiquis on his last album that won the Latin Grammy. I love music…”.

Lawrence He is promoting his new album and also enjoying his new album a lot. He spoke about it and although he did not mention whether or not he was planning to marry again, he did comment that he is very calm and stable.

There is no doubt that much former singer of La Banda El Limónas Chiquis Rivera, have made their way separately. Let us remember that the Queen bee has been in a relationship with the audiovisual director and photographer for more than a year and a half, emilio sanchez.

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