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Chiquis Rivera explodes and goes for the jugular to the Mexican driver: “I will never give you an interview” | VIDEO

Chiquis Rivera at the 2022 Latin Grammys in Las Vegas.

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg. /Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera once again he is in the eye of the hurricane. This time after exploding against the Mexican driver, Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Well, through a message, he made it clear that he would never give her an interview because of how badly he has spoken of her on previous occasions, an attitude for which the presenter compared her to her mother, the “Diva of the band”.

During the “First-hand” program, the driver reported that, annoyed, the singer contacted him after the interview he had with his uncles Rosie and Juan Rivera.

What would have been the trigger for an explosive message in which he points out that he needs it in order to increase his audience and warns him that he is not willing to give him “attention”.

“Keep talking bad about me, thank God it doesn’t affect me at all. You need to talk about me for your ratings, so go ahead. If I can feed you one way or another, then great, go ahead. You’re not ashamed, I mean, do you always talk bad about me and then you keep asking me for interviews? You need me and that is your courage, but here I tell you: I will never give you an interview and I will never pay attention to you. That is what you want, that I give you public attention, but I have nothing as a penitent, if I do it, it is something else. Kiss, Gus


“Don’t fly away, I’ve been working and eating without you for many years. Don’t worry”was how the controversial entertainment journalist who has been the subject of controversy on more than one occasion responded due to the conflicts he has with other celebrities and influencers.

Like the most recent with Pablo Chagra whom he said he did not know and had no desire to do so. Added to this are the legal disputes that began with the former Garibaldi and the aforementioned actor.

Infante did not hesitate to defend himself against Chiquis Rivera’s attacks, so he shared his attitude towards the media with his mother’s, the interpreter of “Oblivion does not arrive”, and assured that she had not learned anything after years in the industry.

“I never said that I don’t need the media, I’m always kind and I take care of them, always, but I’m not going to waste time or energy on people like you who only spend their time talking bad about me, why? I have no need. I don’t understand why you hate me so much, what did I do to you? I have always behaved well with you, I have respected and cared for you, but I also have my limits”.

The interpreter of “Queen Bee” continued to point out that the journalist also had conflicts with Jenni Rivera in the past for speaking ill of her and described as “hypocrites” those who today pose as “good friends, brothers, sisters, parents… ”.

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