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Chiquis Rivera exhibits her curves in a swimsuit, but receives criticism for the appearance of her lips

Chiquis Rivera delighted the pupil of his 5.6 million followers on Instagram by sharing a hot video in which he appeared modeling a sexy swimsuit that exposed her voluptuous curves and cleavage; moment that she took advantage of to promote her most recent musical release, “Because I am Queen Bee” and with her peculiar style “she took out the sting”, although this also earned her some criticism.

The daughter of the deceased regional Mexican singer Jenny Rivera continues to show that he inherited the talent to make music and if it is about success, there is the most recent single entitled “Porque Soy Abeja Reina”, with which he is causing a stir due to the lyrics since in it he refers to the conflicts he has had to face with his own family, especially after the tragic departure of “the diva of the band”.

A few days after the release, Chiquis turned to her official Instagram account to share a video in which, in addition to appearing singing her new hit, she showed off her exuberant curves by the pool.

As is customary in the same profile, Janney Marin Riverabetter known as Chiquis Rivera, appeared recording herself while wearing a seductive blue one-piece swimsuit, with which she revealed a heart-stopping neckline and her legs.

As if the above were not enough, she also threw herself under the sun’s rays to show that she is ready to “take out her sting”, because as the lyrics of her song say, her fuse is “very short” and especially when they want to go from alive with her

And although she generally receives a shower of compliments for looking tremendously beautiful, this time she was also the target of criticism, because according to some detractors she is already exaggerating too much with the aesthetic arrangements that would have been made on her lips.

“Don’t do your lips anymore, you look better more natural”, “It seems that he stung his lips with the stinger”, “Horrible lips, you are too young for that, it is better to leave them natural”, “Everything is fine except the lips ”, “It looks different”, “What happened to your lips was stung by a wasp”, “You don’t have to be disfiguring your mouth anymore”, only some users wrote in the comments section.

Despite the criticism, Chiquis Rivera already has more than 68,000 views on YouTube just 24 hours after its release.

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