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Chiquis Rivera assures that she likes to represent women with curves: “It doesn’t matter what size it is”

Chiquis Rivera.

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on various occasions Chiquis Rivera She has left her followers on social networks completely surprised by posing in tiny bikinis, tight clothes and all kinds of garments that highlight her exuberant silhouette, but although this has generated a series of criticisms, she confesses that she accepts what she sees in front of the mirror and he likes to represent curvy women.

It is well known that the daughter of Jenni Rivera she enjoys showing off her figure with pride, as well as sharing empowering messages with which she intends to make it clear that regardless of body shape, every woman has the right to feel beautiful and respected; She thus confirmed it during a recent interview with the “Ventaneando” program where she spoke of the criticism she receives and how she has managed to overcome it.

And it is that, a few days after sharing daring images on Instagram in which she was seen posing with revealing swimsuits from the beaches of the Philippines, the singer stressed that it is a good time for women to begin to accept themselves as they are, message that she tries to share with fans who, like her, enjoy a curvaceous figure.

“It’s important to me to really love myself, It doesn’t matter what size I am and I represent and I like to represent women like me who have curves“he commented.

But in addition to using his social networks to motivate millions of fans to follow his own ideals, he advises listening to a particular song that can motivate them.

“I have a song that I dedicate to those women who wake up sad, who play a song called ‘The one that is in fashion is me’. You are going to listen to that song and you are going to say: ‘Yes, I am the one that is fashionable,’ it helps you with self-esteem, ”she added.

As for the criticism she receives, Chiquis prefers to ignore the opinion of others, focusing only on those fans who support her and admire her for the woman she is.

“There are always going to be people who, no matter what you do, are not going to love you. What has helped me a lot is: “I’m not going to listen, I’m not going to pay attention to them and I’m going to focus on the people who do love me, who do support me,” said the controversial interpreter of “Queen Bee”.

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