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Chiquis Rivera alerts her fans after it was revealed that she has health problems

Chiquis Rivera at the 2022 Latin Grammys in Las Vegas.

Photo: Gabe Ginsberg. /Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera He set off the alarms of his fans after he revealed that on his vacation in Baja California Sur in Mexico, together with his boyfriend Emilio Sánchez, his health was diminished.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter had some health complications and chose to remain resting in the hotel. Chiquis pointed out that what should have been days of fun and partying turned into a great rest in bed, as she had various effects on her respiratory system.

This caused great pain in his body and throat, but he also explained that he feels better thanks to taking antibiotics to attack the virus.

According to the specialized page Bandamax, the interpreter of songs such as “Abeja reina”, “Paloma blanca”, “La que está de moda soy yo” and “Entre besos y copas”, to mention some of the songs, assured “I was in bed, bad, my body and throat ached”but added that she is now ready to continue her work.

Among Chiquis Rivera’s latest publications is her visit to a store where they sell tacos, the celebrity was very happy.

Well, it should be noted that for months she has carefully taken care of her diet and complements her well-being routine with diet and exercise, but this did not prevent the famous from enjoying the dish.

The Latin Grammy winner also said that she ate a taco and a half of chicken, because in her diet she is now ruling out red meat.

But she explained that she was very happy because the tacos were delicious, so much so that she did not hesitate to sit on the floor to better enjoy dinner.

The singer declared a few years ago that for a long time she had struggled with a disease that affected her lifestyle and did not allow her to lose weight.but currently he is undergoing treatment to improve his condition.

“I realized that I had a thyroid problem, so they gave me medicine and that helped me a lot, with depression too, and with the hormones, I do therapy to balance them”spoke to Univision

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