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Chinese New Year 2023: which gifts are unlucky and should be avoided

Within oriental culture it is common to give gifts to loved ones such as symbol of prosperity for Chinese New YearHowever, not all gifts augur good luck. There are certain objects that mean bad luck.

Did you know that in the Chinese they consider the number 4 bad luck and that is why they never give gifts in multiples of 4? Perhaps for us it is common to give away things like underwear to receive the New Year, but for effects of the Chinese this type of gestures are not well seen because they have a negative context.

On the occasion of Chinese New Year 2023 that is celebrated this January 22we tell you some of the objects that you should not give away because they are bad luck.

Collars, ties and belts

The Chinese give these accessories, as well as underwear, only to the couple and believe that giving this type of gift to friends or relatives is bad luck for their relationship.

Wallets and purses

In oriental culture giving a purse, wallet or purse means that you give all your money and financial luck for what you could lose it in the coming year, reviews the China Highlights site. However, it is possible to make this gift for the couple.


In Chinese culture, handkerchiefs are a symbol of farewell, as they are delivered at the end of a funeral. If you give them away, you insinuate that you cut all ties with that person.

white or black objects

These colors are used in traditional funerals, so you should avoid giving away something black or white. Instead, choose the color red, a symbol of joy, festivity and luck.

Scented candles

In our culture it is a popular gift, but for the Chinese they symbolize an offering for the dead. That is why it is better to avoid them as gifts.


In the Chinese language the word “shoe” sounds similar to “bad luck” or “evil”, they also consider it derogatory because it is something you step on.


The same thing happens with the Chinese sound for “shoe”, only that “watch” in Chinese sounds similar to “attend a funeral”, which is why it is considered an unlucky gift.

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