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Chinese New Year 2023: when does it start and which animal corresponds

In Eastern culture, the New Year is not celebrated on January 1 as we do in the West, its calendar corresponds to the phases of the Moon so the entry of 2023 for the purposes of Chinese astrology has not yet occurred.

Chinese New Year always coincides with the first new moon of the year. and it is represented by one of the 12 animal signs of the Chinese horoscope, which are: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

When does the Chinese New Year start and what sign does it correspond to?

The first new moon of 2023 will appear on January 22therefore, it is when the Chinese New Year 2023 will start. 2022 was the Year of the Tiger, so this year that we have already started in the West corresponds to the water rabbit.

In the Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit is a friendly, intuitive, diplomatic, sophisticated, although distant and sensitive sign, so 2023 promises to be a year of healing and hope after a fierce Year of the Tiger, astrologers explain in an Astrology article. Answers.

What awaits us in the Year of the Water Rabbit?

According to the predictions of the Chinese horoscope, the Rabbit will bring qualities that we lacked in the previous year, these are peace and success. And it is that this sign It has patience and luck as its main energy..

In this way, people who are prone to impulsiveness, are unrealistic or easily influenced will have a positive change making them more sensible and practical, TheChineseZodiac.org commented on their horoscope for 2023.

Thus, we are recommended think before act to obtain better possibilities of achieving our objectives and carrying out each of the plants that we have in mind.

In general, added the horoscope, the Year of the Rabbit is expected to be more positive and lucky than the previous one, so we can expect progress in any aspect of our lives.

In addition, the Rabbit will make the global environment more relaxed and peaceful, and experts in Eastern astrology predict that it will also be so in the economy, so it is possible that we will reap financial success.

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