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Chinese New Year 2023: rituals to receive the Year of the Rabbit

Next Sunday, January 22, 2023, Chinese New Year takes place. corresponding to the Water Rabbit and which, according to predictions of the eastern horoscope, will be calmer and more prosperous than the Year of the Tiger, so it is the ideal time to do some rituals that allow us to take advantage of their positive energy.

The Chinese New Year corresponds to the Lunar New Year, so the date it occurs varies every year, but always arrives between January 21 and February 20explains the site China Highlights.

The Rabbit represents longevity, peace and prosperityTherefore, 2023 is expected to be a year of hope. As in our culture, Eastern countries celebrate the Chinese New Year as it is a period that allows cycles to close and begin. With this in mind, we present some rituals to receive the Year of the Rabbit 2023.

Home clean

During 2022, which corresponded to the Year of the Tiger, it is likely that we have experienced difficulties of all kinds that left us with emotional wounds. The Rabbit helps us to heal spiritually and energetically, so we are recommended to do a deep cleaning of the home, get rid of broken items and clothes that we no longer use, spiritualist teacher Francisco Choy told the YouTube channel of Diario El Comercio.

He suggested use a new broom and sweep from the inside out to continue with the precepts of Feng Shui.

magnetize the house

This is done by scenting our interiors with incense or mint, eucalyptus or sandalwood candles, and placing some objects that harmonize the energies such as the 3-legged frog or fu dogs.

Avoid eating with forks or knives

Orientals avoid using knives and forks at New Year’s dinner to keep it peaceful. If you wish, you can use gold-colored chopsticks and dine on noodles, a food that represents abundance.

Maintain a positive attitude for 1 week

Discipline characterizes Chinese culture, so to have a good year, avoid saying bad words and maintain a positive and kind attitude for at least 1 week.

dress in red

Red is one of the lucky colors for Feng Shui, so don’t forget to wear a garment of this tone to receive the Chinese New Year on January 22.

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