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Chinese New Year 2023: know the rituals with food to attract fortune

The fortune of the Chinese New Year, which will start This Sunday, January 22, 2023, can reach your home with simple rituals. One of them is to prepare delicious food, because food is a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

2023 corresponds to the Water Rabbit, a sign of the Chinese horoscope that symbolizes longevity, peace and prosperity, so this year is expected to be one of hope and positive changes.

Some of the traditions to attract the good energy of the Chinese New Year are decorating with red lanterns, giving gifts, setting off firecrackers and fireworks, and meeting with relatives. Red is the color that abounds everywhere., this because it denotes prosperity, energy and drives away evil spirits. That is why it is suggested, in addition to decorating with elements of this tone, to dress in a red garment.

But one of the most important parts of the Chinese New Year holiday is the food. According to Chinahighlights.com, the Chinese customarily serve fish as a symbol of abundance, dumplings in the form of ingots for family bonding, and rice to ensure prosperity.

Having said the above, we tell you how you can attract wealth through rituals with food when receiving the Chinese New Year 2023.

Includes a fish dish

As we mentioned, for the Chinese, fish is the symbol of abundance, so if you want to attract it to your home, eat fish dishes on Sunday, January 22.

Spring rolls

It is very easy to get spring rolls on this side of the world, however, the Chinese usually eat them to receive the New Year. Its shape resembles a gold ingot and a fun ritual is to make a wish for each roll you consume.

Decorate the table with tangerines and oranges

The round shape and color of these fruits symbolizes fullness and wealth. It is believed that placing them on the table brings good fortune and we must place them on a special fruit bowl, and if you wish, include a red object, such as a ribbon, to maximize its power.

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