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Chinese New Year 2023: 7 things you should not do to receive the Year of the Rabbit

The Chinese New Year will begin this Sunday, January 22, 2023 and corresponds to the Rabbitan animal that symbolizes longevity and hope, which is why it is expected to be a more prosperous year than the previous one.

If you want the Year of the Rabbit does not bring you bad luck you should avoid doing some things at the beginning of the spring festival, as the Chinese new year is also known, which is governed by the lunar calendar or agricultural calendar.

Chinese culture is one of the most superstitious in the world, so it is very important for them not to do certain acts on the day they receive the new year. Below, we list 7 of the most important.

1. Do not dirty the house

The Chinese believe that welcoming the new year with a dirty house is bad luck, so they dedicate part of the last day of their calendar to clean, arrange and get rid of things that are broken or no longer used. The idea is to remove the old energy to receive the new.

2. Avoid breaking things

We must avoid breaking things, when less than 1 calendar day until 15 days later, that is, from January 22 to February 6. What happens if we accidentally break something? You should immediately think positively, collect and wrap in red paper.

3. Not bathing the first day

The Chinese avoid bathing on the first day of the Chinese year, this is more than a superstition, it is a tradition because in ancient times it was not as accessible to take a shower as it is now.

4. You don’t have to cook on the first day of the Chinese year

Cooking the morning after the Chinese year means that the food did not reach you, which translates as a lack of abundance. Try to cook in batches so that the food lasts for the next day. The equivalent in Mexico would be reheated.

5. Avoid littering

The Chinese believe that if you throw away the garbage you get rid of the fortune of the house in the year. Keep the garbage inside the house and throw it away on the second or third day.

6. Not visiting friends on the last day of the year

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday for family unity, so visits from outside the home break family harmony.

7. Do not swear during Chinese New Year

If you start by swearing or swearing, the Chinese believe that it will be like that all year long, so practice kindness and kindness.

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