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Chinese New Year 2023: 5 charms that will help you get what you want

A Chinese New Year will begin next Sunday, January 22 with the presentation of the first new moon of our calendar and if you want to potentiate your wishes in the Year of the Rabbit, corresponding to 2023, you can use some amulets recommended by Feng Shui.

The energy of the Chinese years is determined by the traits of the animal sign that governs it, by 2023 marks a significant change Well, from having the brave, strong and energetic Tiger, we will go to the peaceful, calm and kind Rabbit.

For this reason, Chinese astrology predicts that it will be a year of hope and more positivebut we will not be exempt from conflicts, problems, challenges and more difficulties of life.

However, we can have luck on our side through objects that help us enhance the positive energy of the Rabbit.

Charms for Chinese New Year 2023

The amulets that are in tune with the energy of the Rabbit and can help us to be lucky, as well as to achieve what we most desire, have a correlation with Feng Shui and Chinese customs. We select 5 options for you.

1. Tiger eye quartz bracelet

The Rabbit’s energy is cautious, timid and conservative, which is why we need a powerful amulet to be more courageous and daring. Get a bracelet or bracelet with tiger’s eye quartz to have triple protection and the luck of the rabbit.

2. Tree of life

The tree of life brings harmony, peace and will help you preserve your living space during this year. It is powerful for spiritual and mental healing and balances the chakras. Get a necklace to hang at the office, home, and in the car for balance.

3. Money frog

The money frog is one of the most common amulets in Feng Shui. It is a symbol of protection and good luck professionally, so it is one of the objects that cannot be missing at home.

4. The elephant

In Feng Shui, the elephant is a symbol of wisdom, strength, fertility and longevity. Use it at home or business as a symbol of protection against theft, accidents and enemies.

5. The bull of well-being

This amulet is one that cannot be missing in your workspace, as it symbolizes abundance, money and prosperity. It helps you to have good energy in your career and encourages purchasing power.

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