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Chinese horoscope: what is the best amulet to attract luck in each sign

Although in the Chinese horoscope it is indicated that the start of the Year of the Rabbit will be until Sunday, January 22, it is important to be prepared to receive it by carrying a good luck charm that opens the paths of fortune for us in health, love and the money.

Now, not all talismans feel the same way to people, since the effectiveness of a lucky object is marked in Asian traditions, this according to the animal corresponding to the year in which each individual is born.


To reduce the conflicts that may arise in 2023, people who saw the light of day during a year governed by this rodent should adopt the Tai Sui as an amulet, as it will give them greater courage and self-confidence to go out to work. .


This year, the representatives of this sign will be blessed by the Star of Victory, which will help them overcome their rivals, but they also require the Wind Horse, the Mongoose of Prosperity or the Flag of the Victory.


Although this sign also enjoys good luck throughout the year, people ruled by the Tiger claim to have either the Banner of Victory or the Bull of Well-being as an amulet.


To get the most out of the Rabbit in the year that he will govern, it is advisable to acquire a five-element pagoda, a Tai Sui plate and the Money Frog.


To open the door to fortune, the best thing that the representatives of this sign can do is to acquire the talisman of the Jade Emperor with Qui Ren.


Since the snake is the mortal enemy of the rabbits, this year the people ruled by snakes could suffer for money, so it is suggested that they acquire a figurine of an Elephant or Blue Rhino as an amulet.


This year, all the effort made by the people of this sign will have good and quick results. It is recommended that they call fortune by placing a Luo Han Crab amulet on a desk.


This animal is also considered an enemy of the Rabbit and therefore people under the influence of the Monkey could have a hard time, so they can resort to a figure that represents the Wise Carp Dragon, this in order to counteract the negative energies.


The next year of the Chinese zodiac looks good for people guided by the Rooster. However, to increase the potential it is advisable to wear a natural tiger eye bracelet.


The influence of the Rabbit will benefit people born during the year of the Dog, so to better potentiate positive energy, the Golden Tiger can be used as an amulet.


This year will be of neutrality for those who were born in a year governed by the Pig. However, it is advised to purchase a Dragon statue to stay stable.

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