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Children’s Pendant Lamp, Models

Children’s Pendant Lamp, Models are already part of the decoration of children’s rooms in order to stimulate creativity, in addition to offering safety. Good lighting is also necessary to help organize the space. It is necessary to think that, today, children’s rooms are designed to be multifunctional. This is because the child no longer uses the place just to sleep, as it is also a space where games are concentrated, but also time to do homework. And there are some ways to meet these needs, through the decoration of a child’s room. Check out the tips for models of lamps and pendants for children’s rooms.

Pendant Lamp for Children, Models. (Image: Disclosure).

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Pendant Lamp for Children, Models – Check it out!

The luminaires developed by the market are fun and creative and, therefore, no longer fulfill the function of simple lighting. They are decorative, but also encourage play. In children’s rooms, in addition to varied themes, lamps and pendants can explore creative lighting, with colored lamps.

The artificial light of the Pendant Lamp for Children, Modelos is important for illuminating the space well when playing games and school tasks and even at bedtime, to create a feeling of comfort, security and coziness. This is a type of lighting that can be left on at night, to reassure the child who has a fear of the dark, but also helps parents to take care of the children while they sleep.

Indirect light can be used in different ways: Lampshade, has a dim light, which can be controlled, in relation to intensity; Sconces, Spotlights and panels with light spots are also other alternatives for decorating a child’s room. However, lamps and pendants are practical tips that are often used to compose the lighting and decoration of children’s rooms.

Models of children’s lamps and pendants

Children’s pendant lamps are a charm in the little ones’ room. (Image: Disclosure).

Children’s Pendant Lamp, Models are available for sale in physical stores, websites of companies and decoration stores and in classifieds selling products on the internet. Check out some models and the advantages!

The children’s pendant lamp is the type of lighting that provides the visual comfort of the ceiling, direct sound or photo, in addition to decorating the room. The models are varied. For babies’ rooms, for example, there are unisex, classic, floral, Provencal, colorful and themed models. We separate some models and prices of the products, available on the internet.

models and prices

– Cordão de Luz light fixture with colorful animals, with 20 balls: It consists of a light wire, with 20 balls; length of 2.8 meters of wire, LED bulbs. The wire is transparent, has a switch to turn it on and off, the balls, 6 to 7 centimeters, resistant and hard, are separated by a distance of 9 centimeters. Price: BRL 299.00

– Cordão de Luz Luminaire Colorful and Fun: Consisting of 20 balls, in shades of yellow, which you combine with neutral environments. The length is 3.3 meters. Price BRL 110.00.

– Cone de Trânsito luminaire, by Usare. Ideal for children’s rooms, as it imitates an original traffic cone and, when illuminated, gives a night alert effect. Price: BRL 180.90

– Snail Table Lamp: It imitates a snail design, it is sold with a blue LED lamp. Price: BRL 15.90.

– Picolé Rosa lamp, by the brand Usore. A fun piece for children’s rooms and very creative, in the shape of a popsicle. Price BRL 129.90

– Baby room lamp – Multikids baby, format is transparent. Price: BRL 69.40.

Decorating a child’s room is a lot of fun. Just use imagination and creativity, spending little. A tip is the Children’s Pending Luminaire, Models.

lamp decoration

When planning the decoration with pendant lamp It is important to bear in mind that this piece does not work alone in the children’s room, it needs to be combined with furniture, flooring and other decorative items. The light that falls from the luminaire cannot be too strong, it should only make the environment more cozy and harmonious. Check that the material of the luminaire is of good quality and that it is safe after installation on the ceiling. Depending on where the piece is positioned, the focus results of this lighting will also be.

A good children’s lamp always explores some theme present in the children’s universe, such as cartoon characters (Mickey, Barbie, Winnie the Pooh, among others). Other models are decorated with colorful butterflies, animals and planes.

Check out the gallery below with photos of pendant lamps and get good ideas to innovate the decoration of your children’s room.

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