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Children’s party decor Cars

O movie “Cars” it’s a great inspiration for decorating the boy’s party🇧🇷 The theme explores a diversity of colors and takes advantage of the world of transport.

The movie Cars is a great inspiration for decorating a boy’s birthday. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

The theme of birthday party it must be clear in all elements, including invitations, attractions and menu. Decoration, in turn, is essential for a particular theme to be highlighted.

Before investing in “Cars” theme it’s important to get as much information as possible about the film’s story and its main characters. It is also essential to pay attention to the objects that appear in the scene and the main colors of the film.

The “Cars” theme provides conditions for setting up a cheerful, relaxed and fun party. He also values ​​the preferences of a birthday boy who likes action, racing and adventure.

Main table decorated according to the theme. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out some tips below for decorate a children’s party with the theme ‘cars’🇧🇷

• A party decoration should be thought of based on three colors: white, red and black. Shades like yellow, blue and orange can also gain space at the event;

• Red or checkered fabric (white and black) combine with the thematic decor;

• It is important to invest in decorative panels inspired by the main characters from the movie Cars, such as Mcqueen, Sally Carrera, Doc Hudson, Mater, Fillmore, Luigi, Ramone, Sheriff, Sergeant and Strip Weathers;

• You movie characters they can also inspire the making of ornaments to decorate the main table. These pieces can be made with styrofoam, MDF, clay or EVA. The cacti and roads help set the scene;

Souvenirs inspired by the movie Cars. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Objects related to the automobile universe can also appear in the decoration, such as cones, traffic signs, tires, traffic lights, formula 1 flags, podium and tracks;

• It is interesting to make a balloon arch to decorate the entrance to the party or the bottom of the main table table;

• The cake and candies enrich the main table and contribute to the decoration;

• Real-size objects promise to enrich the aesthetics of the party and favor interactivity.

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Cars children’s party photos

Check out a selection below photos of children’s parties inspired by the theme ‘Cars’:

About the movie Cars

‘Cars’ is an animation produced by Pixar and distributed by Disney. The release took place in June 2006 and the story yielded a continuation, which was released in 2011. The film talks about an automobile competition, in which the participating vehicles are the main characters.

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