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Chicharito Hernández stars in a fantastic 3D billboard to promote the start of the MLS (Video)

Chicharito is one of the great stars of the United States tournament.

Photo: Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Mexican Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez connects a spectacular Chilean in the colorful 3D ad posted this Wednesday by MLS on billboards in Times Squarein New York, to celebrate the imminent start of the 2023 American league season.

MLS kicks off this Saturday with the Los Angeles derby between the Galaxy of ‘Chicharito’ and the Spanish Riqui Puig and the LAFC of the Mexican Carlos Velacurrent champion, and ‘soccer’ promotes the duel in style with some 3D images.

The ad, in collaboration with LG, begins with a Chilean from Spanish Ilie Sánchez, LAFC midfielder, and it closes with another acrobatic play, this time by ‘Chicharito’.

All clubs. All the games. ‘Season Pass’“, is the message with which the new course is promoted.

MLS is preparing for a record year and The new campaign will premiere this Saturday with all the matches available in the ‘Season Pass’ on the Apple TV application.

The American league signed an unprecedented ten-year agreement with Apple so that all league games, the cup and the new Leagues Cup, that will measure the MLS clubs this summer with those of the LigaMX, can be seen on a single platform.

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