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Chicharito Hernández meets Iker Casillas again in LA Galaxy training

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, Mexican goalscorer.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa / Imago7

Chicharito and Iker Casillas, former Real Madrid teammates, met again today at LA Galaxy training and the images between the meeting of both idols went viral through social networks. To this meeting also Added to this is the meeting of the former Merengue goalkeeper, Porto and the Spanish National Team with the young Riqui Puig, former FC Barcelona.

The photograph of the meeting between Chicharito Hernández and Iker Casillas was shared with great pride on the LA Galaxy’s social networks and Chicharito Hernández himself made them public on his personal accounts. From there received innumerable positive comments and likes for a wonderful meeting between world football figures.

On social networks also the LA Galaxy shared the meeting between Iker Casillas and Riqui Puig, and the image was titled “A Classic Moment”this in allusion to the merengue past of Iker Casillas and the Barcelona past of Riqui Puig.

Also there was a humorous moment in the greeting between Casillas and Chicharito, when the world champion goalkeeper asked Chicharito if they hadn’t taught him how to dress in SpainThis is a joke because of the informal look of Hernández Balcázar, who was wearing a simple white shirt due to the significant heat that he was doing in Los Angeles territory.

It should be remembered that Chicharito Hernández and Iker Casillas coincided at Real Madrid during the 2014-2015 seasondate on which the Mexican defended the colors of the merengue team, which he arrived from Manchester United.

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