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‘Chicharito’ Hernández confessed that he would like to have dinner with Meryl Streep and Ronaldo Nazário

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández, Meryl Streep and Ronaldo Nazário.

Photo: Etzel Espinosa (Imago7) / Arturo Holmes (Getty Images) / Aurelien Meunier (Getty Images) / Getty Images

In the midst of inactivity due to his injury, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández has turned more to his second hobby: live broadcasts through Twitch. In one of those live shows, the Mexican striker agreed to carry out a dynamic with his followers in which he revealed the names of four people, living or dead, with whom he would have liked or would like to go to dinner one night.

Freddie Mercury, Meryl Streep, Ronaldo Nazário and Tomás Balcázar (“Chicharito’s” grandfather) were the four people that the Los Angeles Galaxy attacker chose in the dynamic.

Hernández shared the video on his official TikTok account and explained the reason for his choices. “Today I was asked a question about which four people, living or dead, would you have some food with. So I went with specific themes that I have liked since I was a child. Cinematography, music or football”.

Regarding the deceased singer, the veteran striker specified that he chose him for the authenticity of his life, for his voice and what he generated for the former Chivas de Guadalajara. The second on the list was the American actress Meryl Streep, whom he considers “the best of all time”. Later, she opted for a footballer who was an idol for many. It’s about the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazário.

For ‘Chicharito’ it was not only his “idolazazazo”, but his “everything” since he was a child. Finally, Hernández wanted to choose someone from his personal environment like his grandfather Tomás Balcázar, international and World Cup player with El Tri.

The clip shared by the player reached 1.3 million views, more than 180,000 likes and hundreds of comments, including that of streamer Juan Guarnizo. “I love you very much, ‘Chicha'”, to which the Aztec responded with kisses.

“I love you ‘Chicha’, I hope to narrate another goal of yours soon”, wrote the commentator Antonio Camacho. “When he said Freddie and Meryl, I said: this man knows about life”; “Excellent decision, my ‘Chicha’, she is returning to Chivas”, were some of the opinions of Internet users.

Javier Hernández has not been able to play with the LA Galaxy in MLS due to an irritation in the hamstring area that he felt in training.

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