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Chicagoland Calls: Using WhatsApp – Incorruptible

How can I add a contact from the city of Chicago to WhatsApp?

Open your phone’s contact book. When you add the contact’s phone number, start by including the plus (+) symbol. Enter the country code followed by the full phone number.

What are the country codes for WhatsApp?


  • USA: +1.
  • Spain: +34.
  • Argentina: +54.
  • Germany: +49.
  • Brazil: +55.
  • Canada: +001.
  • Chile: +56.
  • France: +33.

What is the WhatsApp number of Mexico?

Phones from Mexico (country code “52”) must include a “1” after “+52”, even if they are from Nextel.

How do you dial Chicago from Colombia?

United States code: +1. Area code (tourist destination city). Ten (10) digit phone number that you want to dial.
How to name the USA?

cities Washington D.C.
Prefix +307
cities Chicago IL
Prefix +312, 773 or 872
cities Clarksville TN

How to register a number from the city of Chicago?

In the US, you’ll need to start with the country code +1, then the area code (312), followed by a 7-digit phone number 123-4567.

How to save an English number?

The first thing you have to remember when storing a foreign number in the phonebook is to incorporate the “+” symbol at the beginning, followed by the telephone number, which will be preceded by the country code.

How to know what country a WhatsApp number is from?

WhatsApp It won’t let you know specifically which country a number belongs to, but it will give you the opportunity to find out what is the prefix corresponding to it. To do this, you will have to access the profile of the person in question and check which digits are next to the “+”.

How to put numbers from other countries on WhatsApp?

As soon as you add the contact’s phone number, start by including the plus (+) symbol. Enter the country code followed by the full phone number. Note: A country code is a numerical prefix that is entered before entering the full national telephone number in order to call another country.

What does +51 WhatsApp mean?

-The numbers of Mexico (country code 52) must include a number “1” after +52. -If you want to talk, for example, to a number from Peru, which has 51 as the country code, it must also have the ‘+’ symbol in front of the other digits (+51).

How do you put the cell phone number with the country code?

When entering your number in international format, it begins with a plus sign (+). Then write the country code, followed by the full number. For example, the Argentina number 1234-5678 with area code 11 would be written as +5491112345678. Be sure not to include zeros or other signs.

What is +52 1?

As of August 3, 2020, callers from the US and abroad to a mobile phone number in Mexico should no longer add the number “1” after dialing the country code for Mexico: 52. The judicial process to dial a a fixed line number from Mexico has not changed.

What is the prefix for Mexico?

+52 Mexico / Phone code

What is the call sign to call Chicago?

List of Popular Area Codes for the US Midwest

code area
City Chicago, IL 312
City Minneapolis, MN 612
City St.Louis, MO 314
City Detroit, MI 313

What is the code to call from Colombia to the United States?

How to make calls to the US from Colombia
To call the US from Colombia you must dial the international calling code from Colombia, which is “00”. Below is the code of the operator in Colombia that you are using to make the call. So the number “1” corresponds to the United States.

How to make a call to the US from my cell phone?

How to call USA from cell phone?

  1. Dial 00 on the keyboard of your mobile phone device,
  2. then enter the USA country code, 1.
  3. and finally, dial the 10-digit destination number and press the call button.

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