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Checo Pérez is surprised by Jimmy Fallon in a Go Karts race (Video)

Sergio Checo Perez.

Photo: Mohd Rasfan/AFP/Getty Images

Mexican driver Sergio Checo Pérez was surprised by Jimmy Fallon in a Go Karts race that was given during an invitation from Guadalajara to the program of the renowned presenter. Checo’s interview took place in the middle of the tour that unveils his new car, the Red Bull called RB19, and that led him to go through The Tonight Show Starring.

It should be noted that the boss of the Mexican pilot, Christian Horner, was present in the aforementioned race, he himself participated as the director of the improvised competition. Sergio Checo Pérez was a guest of Fallon for being one of the best drivers last season in Formula 1 and this was recognized by the charismatic and popular television presenter.

Ford CEO Jim Farley was the one who invited both characters to join in a Go Kart race., in which the result ended up being the most unexpected with victory for Fallon. It should be remembered that this brand would be returning to the tracks of Formula 1 in the year 2026.

In the end it was all fun and this is how Sergio Checo Pérez remembered it through his Twitter account, in which he thanked Jimmy Fallon for the invitation. “I had a great time with Jimmy Fallon. I can’t wait for the rematch“Wrote the man from Guadalajara.

It should be noted that Checo Pérez has very clear objectives this year and they are none other than to be a Formula 1 champion, so he told him in an exclusive interview with The opinion during the Oracle Red Bull Racing team’s presentation event in New York. At this event, Ford and Red Bull announced their new collaboration, which marks Ford’s return to Formula 1.

Formula 1 will start again on March 5 with the Bahrain Grand Prix where Sergio Pérez will try once and for all to start with everything to achieve the objectives that he has set for himself.

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