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Checklist of matters to deal with after moving house

Moving house is always a complex process, starting with moving and ending with bureaucracy. Furthermore, the work is not limited to the moment when you hand over the key to a room to sleep in another: there are several things to deal with even after the actual exchange.

If you prefer to have everything organized – which always facilitates the fulfillment of all obligations – it is worth making a list of issues to deal with after moving houseso that nothing is forgotten and to avoid less good surprises in a few months.

8 issues to deal with after moving house

After deciding which house you are going to, when and under what conditions, you must ensure that all the services you subscribe to go to the new house with you and that your official documents are updated with the new information.


Update the address on the Citizen Card

The Citizen Card should always be the first item on the list of matters to deal with after moving house, because it is your official identification document and you can have problems if you carry it out of date.

The easiest way to change the address on the Citizen Card is via the internet, at ePortugal portal🇧🇷 If you are not yet registered, you must register (you can use the Digital Mobile Key). All you have to do is enter the portal, change the address (free of charge) and wait for the letter that makes the change official.

You can also take care of the matter by going to a counter at the Instituto dos Registos e do Notariado (IRN), a Loja do Cidadão or one of the Espaços Cidadão, although, here, the procedure costs three euros.

In either case, remember that You have 60 days to change your tax address on your Citizen Card🇧🇷


Update the address on the Single Vehicle Document (DUA)

Although almost all documents nowadays are linked to the Citizen Card, updating the address in the DUA remains mandatory among the matters to be dealt with after moving house. It must be done at a counter at the Instituto dos Registos e Notariado and costs about 65 euros🇧🇷

To update the document you will need your Citizen Card (with the new address), the registration certificate of a duly completed vehicle registration application (you can obtain the form at the moment, at the counter).

Bear in mind, however, that after updating the address on the Citizen Card, you have a new period of 60 days to deal with this matter.


Transfer energy and telecommunications services

As long as you don’t let the contracts expire, the services you had in the old house (such as electricity, gas, water and telecommunications) can be transferred to the new residence. This process requires, however, a specific request from each of the suppliers, and therefore it is another matter to deal with after moving house.

In the case of energy, just ask the supplier to change the delivery address. In principle, the contracted terms will remain, you just stop paying for energy consumption in one house to start paying for the other. Of course, it is advisable to agree with the supplier on the date from which this change takes effect.

For water, transferability will depend on where and where you are moving to. If you move, for example, from the Algarve to Bragança, there is no possibility of transferring the contract, because the supplier company will not be the same. If you move within the same city, this possibility may already exist. It is best to find out from the supplier company about the processes for changing your address, as each one may require different steps (and documents).

For telecommunications, you can also ask the supplier to transfer the contract from one address to another. This request must be made in advance and you will also need to set the exact date of the service change.

Note, however, that transferring an address generally requires re-loyalty, so if you are no longer loyal to the operator, it may be more rewarding to cancel that contract and take advantage of the new home to make another one with other conditions. The transfer of the service as you have it now will also depend on the availability of that service in your new area of ​​residence.

Your bank really needs to know when you move house, also for the sake of transparency in your relationship.

Include a trip to the branch or, if your bank allows it, a call to the services in the matters to be dealt with after moving house.

The process of formalizing a change of address can change from bank to bank, so it is always best to find out exactly what you have to do.

Insurance companies, like banks, like transparent relationships with customers. When moving house, inform the insurer of your new address.

Here, too, it is worth knowing that moving house can result in adjustments to insurance premiums, as geography can influence the degree of risk involved in protection.

For example, if you move from a quiet village to a city with high crime rates, you can expect a higher premium to pay at the end of the year.


Ask CTT to re-dispatch letters

Another of the matters to be dealt with after moving house – and the most important one – is to ask CTT to start sending your correspondence to the new house.

This request must be made directly at the post office counter, but you can already print and fill in the claim form, which is available online. Count on at least three days from submitting the request to the forwarding service until the actual forwarding of the letters.

Re-forwarding not only guarantees that none of your letters are lost, it also protects your confidentiality (the new inhabitant of your old house does not need to know which letters you receive) and even saves you the trouble of updating data on all the services you have subscribed to. until now (like stores, for example).


Changing Health Center

Moving house often means moving away from your Health Centre’s catchment area. When this is the case, it is worth transferring your case to a Health Center closer to your new home, registering with that service and asking them to assign you a new family doctor.

It is important to point out, however, that the change of Health Center is not mandatory🇧🇷 Thus, it is worth knowing, first, if the new Health Center has family doctors with vacancies available; if you don’t, and if the Health Center where you are registered now even has a family doctor, it’s probably not worth making the change.


Notify the change of address at work

The employer is another that must be on the list of matters to be dealt with after moving house. Look for the Human Resources department and inform them that you have moved, as colleagues will have to update your file and some official company documents.

Article originally published in June 2021. Updated in November 2022.

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