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Checklist of documents required for Housing Credit

The use of Housing Credit implies the presentation of a series of documents, so that banks can analyze the feasibility of the loan. Different documents are required at the various stages of the process. To make the task easier, Doctor Finance has gathered in a free checklist the documentation that must be presented at each stage.

This is one of the most time-consuming and bureaucratic tasks in the Housing Credit process. Nonetheless, with the help of a credit intermediary such as Doctor Finance, the procedure can be streamlined. Furthermore, just submit the documentation once and specialists look for and negotiate the best conditions for you, with several banks.

At Doutor Finanças, Clínica, a platform developed by our innovation team, automates the collection of some of these documents, thus allowing for an even more agile and quick collection.

Documents required for Housing Credit at each stage

In this free checklist you will find the 22 documents required for Housing Creditdivided by phases and specified by need (whether it is a property already built or to be built).

Download the checklist and find out what documentation to collect to:

  1. Analysis and pre-approval of Housing Credit;
  2. Property Valuation;
  3. Adjudication and Marking of the Deed.

Doctor Finance can support you in making the best decisions financial and find the Mortgage Loan solution best suited to your case. no cost to youour specialists negotiate with the main banks and present you with a pre-approval of Mortgage Credit, with real and feasible conditions. Fill in the form and you will be contacted shortly by one of our specialists.

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