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Check which USB devices have been connected to your computer

I published a guide about three months ago that highlighted how a small tweak in the Windows Registry allowed you to show previously connected usb devices in device manager.

While this method still works fine, I discovered a free program that offers the exact same functionality. The main benefit here is that you don’t have to manually edit the Registry to display the information; just run the program and you will find the information clearly listed on the program interface.

The software is called Deview USB and is developed by one of my favorite software developers, Nir Sofer. Before I start and describe the product, I would like to point out its use. I work for a company in the financial sector and they have such a strict security protocol that everything has to be routinely checked from time to time.

It is important to check if unauthorized USB devices have been connected to a computer. This can be a clear sign of a security breach, perhaps data theft. It could be argued that the damage has already been done, but would you rather know it at all or be unprepared for future events that result from this?

It’s probably not that important for non-business users, but it might be nice to know if someone else has connected a device to your computer while you’re away.

usb device view

USB Deview lists the device name, a device description and type, a serial number, and the date the device was connected to the system. You have a very good impression of what kind of devices have been connected. I checked the history on my computer and saw a friend’s Sony Ericsson W810 mobile phone that had once been connected to my computer.

You can use USB Deview to uninstall previously connected USB devices or disconnect currently connected ones. Great little app, doesn’t need to be installed at all and uses only 38K unpackaged.

To updateNote: The app is now available as a 32-bit or 64-bit version. Enabled devices are shown with a green dot and highlighted. You can now also use the filter settings in the Options menu to disable generic USB devices.

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