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Check the step by step to create your CNPJ

First, it will be necessary to discern the format of the business in which you want to open, and have a notion of billing. That is, if the values ​​are less than R$ 60,000, they will be classified as Individual Microentrepreneur.

Self-employed professions and other services need delivery of invoices.

What this article covers:

What are the next steps to create the CNPJ?

The CNPJ for MEI is simpler and comes down to just one step: formalizing the company on the Entrepreneur Portal. From the moment you carry out this process, the CNPJ will be generated and the receipt will be issued directly on the Federal Revenue website.


To carry out the more complex processes and generate the issuance, it will be necessary to hire an accountant. Another extremely important step is the definition of the CNAE.

The second step serves to define the nature of your business, among other documents. The legal nature only concerns the regime of your business, and if it is within the company’s constitution, that is, if it is composed of a LTDA, Corporation or Individual Entrepreneur.

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The tax regime serves to determine the tax burden on which it will be necessary to pay. The social contract is like the birth certificate of a business. After that, it is necessary to define how the base of the CNAE should be.

For the third step, it will be important to request the creation of a legal profile on the Federal Revenue website. With all the steps above performed, it is necessary to request the creation of the CNPJ?? The Federal Revenue gives the alternative to carry it out both online and in person. Documents must be brought along.

Having an accountant is extremely important in carrying out all these processes, as there will be a whole agility in the work. An area professional makes a lot of difference in processes, reduces risks and avoids future headaches.

What would the CNPJ be?

The CNPJ has registration information of certain tax administration entities of the Union, states, Federal District and Municipalities. The National Register of Legal Entities acts in a similar way to a CPF for individuals, as it is an essential document for identifying the company before starting to carry out activities related to the market.

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