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Check the ranking of the signs that love to be free

Are you part of the zodiac signs that are true free spirits? Let’s find out right away thanks to our today’s horoscope ranking.

There are people that it is impossible to keep tied to the ground, at home, to a particular country or, again, to a particular person.
They are just too much rebels and free to remain anchored in the past or sometimes even the present!
Check out today’s ranking: better check if your partner is among the signs we’re talking about, right?

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The zodiac signs that are free spirits: here is today’s ranking

How many people do you know who couldn’t really to support you “ties” gives life everyday?

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Sometimes it happens to meet people who are really always and just passing through. As soon as they can, in fact, they try to break free of the tiesgives routine and of all those boring things that… they make up everyday life!
Today we decided ask the horoscope Which are they the zodiac signs that are absolutely free spirits and that you can never put in a cage.
Quite the opposite (or almost) of the most petulant horoscope signs!

So: ready to find out who is at the top of the rankings?

Libra: fifth place

Dear Lbyou know very well that you are a free spirit: it is useless to pretend to want what everyone else wants!

Sensitive, spiritual, used to always being the center of attention, those born under the sign of Lb they are true free spirits.
They love to be special, different from others and ready to live an adventure if and when they want: don’t try to put them in a cage!

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Fish: fourth place

Is there anyone freer than Pisces? (Um, of course I do, since I’m only in fourth place in today’s horoscope ranking!).

Fish they are people who have no problem going their own way, bewitching anyone who passes them.
Accustomed as they are to doing what they want, always and in any case, to Fish it’s not strange to be truly free spirits. Others admire your way of doing it, direct and… by people free from prejudice!

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Lion: third place

Those born under the sign of Lion rightfully enter the ranking of zodiac signs who are free spirits for one reason and one reason only.

Lion they want to be free to do what they want, when they want and without ever feeling guilty!
ThereforeLion doesn’t like having a “path” to follow. When they make a decision, they often stay true to it almost forever, as long as someone doesn’t intrude by telling them. Lion which is “the way things go”. Very dangerous words to say to a Lion: they will never be happy to do “what others do” which is why, ultimately, they are among the freest signs in the entire horoscope!

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Sagittarius: second place

Despite being people that we are often used to almost “forgetting” those born under the sagittarius zodiac sign really are spirits free in truth!

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No darling Sagittariusdon’t be offended: let’s not forget why you’re boring or trivial (ahem, even if you are also in this horoscope ranking), but because… you never want to be together with others!
You are too private (and true free spirits) to live a boring life, the same as everyone else. People feel and are driven to admire him, but also to really find him. cold and compass. In the meantime, however, you’ve moved on to something else: a new life, new friendships, and new interests!

Gemini: first place in the ranking of signs that are free spirits

Twins must be recognized as a very important primacy: they are people who cannot be put in cages, who value freedom more than anything else!

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One Twinin fact, is often a person who has no problem revolutionizing his life at any given moment.
Of course, this can make life difficult for people who love Twins or who live their lives close to them. Twinshowever, often do not look back or even around: they are people who do not like of labels, routine or boredom and who are always ready to live a new adventure. Pay attention to this: your friends gemini are true free spirits, just look how many times they changed their lives!

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