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Check the payment schedule for INSS retirees and pensioners

Initially, payments have been made since September 24th to retirees, pensioners and workers who receive sickness benefits from the INSS. All payment dates usually vary according to the amount each insured person receives, and this includes the final benefit number that should not be considered with the digit.

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How does the INSS payment schedule work?

There are two groups, in the first, the insured receives up to a minimum wage that represents the value of R$ 1,100 and they will always receive first. In group 2, beneficiaries who receive more than the minimum wage usually receive only later.

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INSS beneficiaries who have an amount above the minimum wage, the payment will be deposited in the accounts from the 1st of October onwards.

What is the INSS payment schedule like?

First, it is important to note that payments will be made first to beneficiaries who only receive the amount of R$ 1,100.

NIS No. Payday

Final 1 09/24

Final 2 09/27

Final 3 09/28

Final 4 09/29

end 5 09/30

end 6 1/10

end 7 4/10

End 8 5/10

end 9 6/10

End 0 7/10

The dates were made available by the INSS itself, and it will be necessary to confirm the dates so as not to get confused.

Other INSS retirees and pensioners, who always receive more than one minimum wage, begin to receive only from October 1st.

NIS No. Payday

End 1 and 6 1/10

End 2 and 7 4/10

End 3 and 8 5/10

Final 4 and 9 6/10

Final 5 and 0 7/10

When will you have the 14th salary?

To date, they have finally approved the Chamber of Deputies the project that gives permission to pay the 14th salary. However, it is still pending approval by the Finance Committee, later by the Constitution and Justice Committee, the CCJ, to reach the Senate and finally be sanctioned by the president.

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