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Check the Lotofácil Price List!

Although it is one of the most popular lottery categories in the country, not everyone has the Lotofácil price list in mind. As much as a good part of the bets are made through the minimum amount, which is what most fits in the citizen’s pocket, there is a real chance of the possibility of winning, increasing if the bet is bigger, even if it ends up being a little more expensive. .

With that in mind, we have separated here all the details of the Lotofácil price list, including the values ​​of each bet that can be placed in the draw.

What this article covers:

What is the Lotofácil price list?

First of all, it is worth understanding better what the Lotofácil price list is all about, which is nothing more than the list of possible bets that can be made for the lottery category in question. Lotofácil is the second most popular lottery in Brazil, second only to Mega-Sena.

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In Lotofácil, the player can choose from 15 to 18 numbers out of the 25 available to bet on, with 15 numbers being the minimum bet. Bets can be placed both at lottery houses and online, through the official applications of Loterias Caixa.

How does the Lotofácil price list work?

Starting with the minimum bet, the Lotofácil price table indicates the values ​​of the bets that can be placed in the draw. In the case of the minimum amount, in which only the 15 numbers are placed, the bet costs around R$ 2.50.

If the player wishes, there is the possibility of the number of bets being greater, being able to choose 16, 17 or even 18 numbers from those available on the ticket. However, for each additional number, the bet amount receives a considerable increase.

In addition to the normal draws, the Lotofácil price list is also the same for Lotofácil da Independência, a special draw that takes place, as expected, in the month of September, celebrating the anniversary of Brazil’s independence??

What is the bet value of 18 Lotofácil numbers?

Obviously, the bet of 18 numbers is the one with the highest value in the Lotofácil price list, precisely because it is the one that most increases the probability of the player winning in the draw.

What is the bet value of 18 Lotofácil numbers
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At the level of comparison, a common bet has a chance of 1 in more than 3 million of reaching the maximum prize, whereas in the bet of 18 numbers, this number drops to 1 in about 4 thousand, a very considerable drop.

The option is worth BRL 2,040.00, something that, without a doubt, does not fit in the pockets of many citizens, and that even for a possible pool can come out a little saltier than expected from a joint bet.

Full Lotofácil price list

Thinking about the convenience of those looking for the best betting option, here is the complete Lotofácil price list:

  • 15 numbers (regular): R$2.50;
  • 16 numbers: BRL 40.00;
  • 17 numbers: R$340.00;
  • 18 issues: R$2,040.00.

It is worth remembering that this table is also available on the official website of the Caixa lotteries, where citizens, if they wish, can place their bet online.

Now that the values ​​are clearly known and how the Lotofácil table works, it is important for the player to carefully analyze all the options, to decide the one that fits best in his planning and, obviously, in his pocket, whether for a bet individual or a pool with friends or family.

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