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Check out what to do if the SMS from Caixa Tem does not arrive

Caixa Tem is a digital account created in 2020 to facilitate access to banking services by Brazilians. It is a free account with several features, such as bill payment, transfers and PIX.
One of the most common complaints reported by users of the application is not receiving the confirmation SMS, necessary for linking the cell phone. Are you having this problem? Keep reading to learn how to solve it.

What this article covers:

What to do if the SMS from Caixa Tem does not arrive?

The SMS sent by Caixa Tem serves to link the cell phone to the application, in order to access information such as the balance of the account. Many people report not receiving the SMS, which can happen for several reasons. Between them:

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Cellular network malfunction:

Before doing anything, it’s essential to check your cell phone network, if it works correctly where you are. If the signal is bad, the SMS will not arrive.

User overload:

At certain times, Caixa Tem may experience instability due to the overload of users in the application. This issue can be worked around by retrying at a different time.
If none of these alternatives solves the problem, go to an agency of the Savings Bank to be guided by employees on how to proceed in this situation.

How to change the cell phone number to receive SMS from Caixa Tem?

There is always the possibility that you have entered your mobile number wrong, compromising the receipt of the SMS. To change the number provided, just go to the “problems with the registration” option, where it is possible to change the data registered in the account.

Why confirmation is via SMS?

Linking the cell phone to the application is necessary for security reasons, this is standard for most banking institutions. This measure helps prevent fraud and keeps the account and its information safe at all times.

Now you know how to proceed in case of non-receipt of the confirmation SMS from the Caixa Tem application, necessary for account security reasons. Caixa Tem is currently an application used by millions of Brazilians, free of charge.

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