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check out the options and tips on how to choose

For those who just started investing, using investment apps is considered the best way to start. With them, it is possible to carry out applications and monitor them quickly and easily. In addition, some options offer tips and news about the financial market, in order to make it even easier for beginners.

Currently, there are many investment apps on the market. Therefore, newbies often get lost among the various features. To facilitate the search for the most suitable application for you, check out the options below!

What this article covers:

What is an investment app?

Investment applications are platforms that provide their users with resources so that investments can be made online and safely. With these platforms, people can opt for new assets, monetize their money and also organize their finances through reports.

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In the past, investments were made only in person. Now, with the advancement of technology, everyone can use investment applications to carry out their applications.

These investment apps were created by fintechs, which are companies focused on digital financial services. Thus, all the tools provided by investment applications are intuitive so that anyone can manage and carry out their investments.

How do they work and what are they for?

All investment applications offer their resources in an online environment for investors to make their investments and manage them in an easy way. Some versions are also responsible for sending notifications of information and updates about the investment sector.

With investment applications, users can choose where to invest and know all the profitability of the products offered. In addition, investment applications are accessible to everyone, with much lower fees than traditional banks.

Everything is built so that customers can get a broad view of all their applications and so that decision-making is simplified, which has allowed a large number of new investors to join the application of its resources.

What are the benefits of using the investment application?

Through investment applications it is possible to obtain greater convenience when making investments. With them, customers receive a wide variety of products on offer, unlike the amount offered by traditional banks. In addition, rates are considered much more attractive, which results in a greater economy.

What are the benefits of using the investment application

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The use of these applications is considered 100% safe, as the brokers responsible use anti-fraud systems and other technologies so that transactions are carried out safely. Thus, investments are made over the Internet and, even more, with greater profitability, with the use of graphics and other systems that are easy to understand.

What are the best investment apps for beginners?

There are currently several investment apps on the market. To guarantee the results, the client must choose the one that best fits their needs. In order to make your search easier, we have separated the best investment apps today.

Discover the most used below:


Toro is one of the investment apps developed especially for newbies in the field. Through it, the user can check their investment funds, stock market news and also have free access to income securities.

XP Investimentos

One of the most used investment applications at the moment is XP Investimentos. Aimed especially at users who can invest high amounts, with it it is possible to monitor securities and investment funds, in addition to having access to the stock exchange.

Nu Invest

The Nu Invest application, formerly known as Easynvest, is one of the most used because it is easy to use for new investors. Through it, users can manage their investment funds, receive income bonds and also have access to the stock exchange in a simplified way.


The Rico Investment App is aimed at people who want to get started in the world of applications. Everything is done intuitively, from managing income securities to accessing the stock exchange. In addition, with this App users have access to different types of investment funds and can choose the one that best fits their profile.

Tips for using investment apps?

Using investment applications is safe, but some tips can further improve their performance and security. Before choosing the ideal one, the user must choose the app that has the option of curation of investments. With this, you can analyze all the services offered according to your own profile.

It is also important to find out if the application issues risk alerts. In this way, it is easier to choose the best products for investing, without venturing to lose your money on products considered high risk.

What are some common mistakes that beginners make when using investment apps?

The most common mistake made by beginners in investment applications is not choosing the application according to their profile. Before choosing, check out its main services and what types of investors it is intended for. That way, it will be easier to use your tools in the right way.

In addition, as easy as it is to carry out through the app, the investor must always keep up to date on investments. Investing is not a form of betting, it is necessary to have notions of application and planning before making investments.

Risks associated with using investment applications?

When chosen carefully, investment apps don’t carry a lot of risk. All are designed to provide security to their users, but it is necessary to identify the most reliable through user feedback, in addition to recommendations.

Ideally, keep all your information confidential and log in only to trusted computers and networks.

It is also necessary to remember that even in safe investment applications, the act of investing carries several risks, such as market and credit risk. Therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye out and invest in different products so that the security of the applications is more guaranteed.

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