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Check out the most expensive handbags in the world

Handbags, this is not a simple accessory. Because they are an integral part of the set that defines any woman’s style. That is, the purse is the extension of the personality. At the look she has the role of a totem.

Because it is an object of great appeal, fashion brands invest a lot in its production. Especially in custom and very expensive models. That is, whoever buys the bag will be able to show ownership.

From unique pieces, each brand promotes a line for sale on a larger scale. In this way, brands place themselves in the market and compete for the attention of customers. In this stone jungle, a small purse can cost millions.

Bags: are useful and collectible

Handbags occupy this place of honor in the fashion world for different reasons. In addition, of course, to what we highlighted earlier. Moreover, one cannot rule out its usefulness. Now, this is a useful accessory.

The first goal of the person who created the bag was to create something to carry things.. That way back in antiquity. While at present, it fulfills its first function. While it symbolizes power, glamour, elegance and fashion trends.

Adding all things up. It’s good to remember the amount you carry in a purse. Not just the material. But in contemporary life, women carry personal things, from their cell phones to their makeup. Therefore, the bag carries the weight of its owner’s identity.

What are the most expensive handbags on the world market?

According to the latest surveys, carried out by specialists in finance and fashion, there are five models that stand out, that is, they are the most expensive bags that exist.

Below we highlight each one from the fifth place to the first. We also seek explanations that make these pieces add such a high value.

Clutch Cleopatra Lana Marks

This handbag model costs between 100 thousand to 400 thousand dollars. The Cleopatra Lana Marks Clutch is a seasonal release model. In other words, only once a year. It’s similar to how luxury cars are sold.

The line maintains the same material, which is alligator leather and diamond stones. But the design is different every year. Singer Li Bingbing is the model’s ambassador. She even owns the most expensive version of Cleopatra.

This little bag has a lot of celebrity appeal. Especially for the marketing involved in each release. That is, to sell such an expensive item, one cannot skimp on the event.

Hermes Chaine D’Ancre

This bag is inspired by anchors. That’s why it has that name. As well as she takes several of them in her design. Who created it was Pierre Hardy, who did not skimp on diamonds. There are more than a thousand studded in the piece.

Its average value is 1.4 million dollars. In addition, it stands out for its rarity. Because to date, only 3 bags of this model have been made. This ensures more glamor and arouses the interest of millionaires.

Birkin Hermes by Ginza Tanaka

The Birkin Hermés by Ginza Tanaka has its cost equivalent to 1.5 million dollars. Its differential aspect is the accessories. That is, they come connected to the bag itself.

Who signs the model is the designer Ginza Tanaka. She who didn’t skimp on diamonds. Because there are about 2 thousand in each piece. Among the accessories, a pear-shaped brooch. Thus, it can be used both in the bag and in clothes.

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold

This bag costs around 2 million dollars. Which makes it the second most expensive piece today. The model’s inspiration is the crocodile itself. In addition, she carries jewelry signed by Pierce Hardy.

It is a bag full of details that takes more than a year to make. Also, it’s a very small piece. It is used to store small things. Like cards, in this case.

So far the model has had only 3 launches. As well as there are only 12 units across the planet.

Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond

The bag of bags is the Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond. It is a gold purse, hand sewn. And it carries around 4500 studded diamonds. Its sale value is not less than 4 million dollars.

In addition to differentiating by material. The preparation is meticulous. They are craftsmen who work long hours to ensure every detail of the model. Thus, it has been the most expensive handbag in the world for 12 years.

Bags.  More than an accessory.

Larger scale handbags for sale

Not only does the world of handbags live on glamor and exclusivity. That is, many companies invest in models for day-to-day use. In this way, the models seek to meet the primary needs, as well as to present good aesthetics.

Therefore, it is possible to find designer handbags to buy in the luxury market. See some of the most expensive brands of common parts in the square.

Prada handbags

prada is one of the best known in the world. Especially for appearing in many Hollywood movies. In addition, it is among the most copied.

Its models stand out for their original production. At the same time for being the favorite brand of celebrities.

Marc Jacobs

For a long time Marc worked for his competitor Louis Vuitton. Today he has his own line of handbags. To know the market, he had a rapid rise.

Among her most expensive pieces is the Carolyn Crocodile Handbag. Which is for sale for 200 thousand reais. But his company produces models that are more accessible to emerging companies.

Lana Marks

Lana Marks stands out among designer handbags for adding luxury to product quality. In addition to seeking the perfect model, the company invests in different materials. For example: lizard and ostrich leather.

The brand gained a lot of fame when it designed a bag inspired by Cleopatra. In this case, the character played by Elizabeth Taylor.


A Hermes, in addition to being among the most expensive of all, it is among the most recommended brands. Its differential is the craftsmanship in making the bags.

Another significant factor is the rigor with which the leather is prepared. That is, the products are made with top quality material.

In addition, Hermes models are timeless. This makes the product never lose its value in the market.


Even though it’s not just a handbag brand, Mouawad is among the first in the business. Certainly because it specializes in accessories and jewelry in general. This makes the gaze widen.

This is how she conquers the market and the taste of women. Its differential is to add the European style to the Middle East. Thus, there is no lack of jewelry and ostentation in her pieces.

Bags: the most useful passion of women

Talking about handbags is more than a mere utilitarian accessory. For it is an expression of identity and concept. Thus, in this article we saw how much is invested in the production of this product.

Therefore, when looking at a bag on a woman’s shoulders. Understand that more than things, there is a story there. Also, the personality and dreams of someone looking for their place in the world.

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