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Check out the Lotofácil betting table!

Many hardcore gamblers are unaware of the Lotofácil betting table, even though the draw is the second most popular in all of Brazil. Although obviously the minimum value is the most used.

So what most players know. The table has many options that, even though they are a little heavier on the pocket, can bring more chances of a winning bet in the end.

With that in mind, here is more information about the Lotofácil betting table and how it can be useful when deciding on the best type of bet to make, check it out.

What this article covers:

What is the Lotofácil betting table?

In summary, the Lotofácil betting table is nothing more than the table with all the types of bets that can be made in the category and their respective values, from the minimum value to the highest cost bet.

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The table, although not very well known, has an important role for the player to analyze the best strategy he should take to place his bet, especially when those with more numbers have more chances of winning.

In the Lotofácil draws, winners are those who match 11 to 15 numbers in the draw, and obviously, those who match the highest number receive the highest prize, which is worth about 65% of the raffle collection.

How does the Lotofácil betting table work?

Through the Lotofácil betting table, you have the options and bet values ​​that can be made for a draw of the 15 numbers of the category. Currently, players can place bets by marking 15 to 18 numbers on the wheel.

Lotofácil has draws held from Monday to Saturday, in addition to the special Independence draw, which takes place in September, and the table also applies to it.

Lotofácil betting table

Since you can already have an idea of ​​what the Lotofácil betting table is about, below we have it with all the details:

  • 15 numbers (regular): R$2.50;
  • 16 numbers: BRL 40.00;
  • 17 numbers: BRL 340.00;
  • 18 numbers: BRL 2,040.00.

As shown in the table, with each new number placed in your bet, there is a readjustment in the total value of the ticket, as this increases the real chances of the bettor winning the draw, including the biggest prize.

What is the bet value of 20 Lotofácil numbers?

Previously, the Lotofácil betting table also had the option of betting 19 or 20 numbers on the ticket. However, these options are no longer used by Caixa lotteries due to their exorbitant price, especially the 20 numbers, which cost around R$ 38,760.00.

What is the bet value of 20 Lotofácil numbers
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If we stop to think about it, a bet of this type ends up becoming unfeasible even for the popular syndicates, where several people get together to place a bet. Even though there is a considerable number of participants, the amount divided between them would end up being something very high, and the probability of the prize received if the bet was winning would not even cost the amount paid on the ticket was very high.

Now that you know better the table of Lotofácil betit is important that, before placing your bet, you carefully analyze the available options, especially if the bet is placed on a syndicate.

In certain situations, a slightly more expensive bet can be exactly what the group of bettors is looking for, and even a smaller win ends up becoming extremely attractive for the syndicate.

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