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Check out the high estimates!

For all car owners, next year’s IPVA increase is a certainty. That’s because of growth in factory new and used car values. It is up to each state to apply its own rates, which have not yet been readjusted in their prices.

All rates imposed by each Brazilian state are based on the Fipe Table values ​​for all used cars. For 0km cars, the basis is made from the purchase invoice. According to information released by Fibe, used cars had an increase of 31.8% in just one year. For new vehicles, considering the same period, the increase was 19.3%.

What this article covers:

Why will there be an increase in the 2022 IPVA?

The increase in IPVA is a direct consequence of the suspension that all vehicle factories had to do when security and isolation measures were imposed due to the global Covid-19 pandemic. This fact caused a real crisis in the market of components used in the production of each car.

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Because of this, building a car is increasingly expensive. The lack of elements made buyers look more for the used vehicle market. The growth in the IPVA value is the result of these problems.

How can I calculate the IPVA?

It is necessary to remember that each Brazilian state has its rates, so first of all it is necessary to find out the rate of the state where the vehicle was registered. With this, the calculation must be done by multiplying the amount of the car described in the Fibe Table, in case of used cars. For vehicles purchased new, the multiplication will be through the invoice value.

Tips on how to save on IPVA

Some tips can make the impact of increasing the IPVA being smaller, for example, paying on time is a great way to save money, as it is able to get rid of interest. Installing the IPVA in up to 3 installments is also valid to balance the entire budget and expenses at the beginning of the year.

In addition to payment methods, a good financial health organization is extremely important. Planning and organizing finances during the year is a habit that makes people save more money, having the possibility of investing it in year-end and beginning accounts, which is the case with IPVA.

Finally, it is advisable to avoid purchasing a car at the end of the year. This time of year means that the IPVA is due in the following month. Therefore, wait for the holidays to end and get your car from January. Thus, the IPVA will only be for the next year.

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