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Check out the Costume Models to use at Carnival 2023

Here in the i9 we always bring some updates and news on different subjects, and today’s theme is carnival costumes, since among the celebrations that are coming in the coming months we have one of our biggest parties at a national level.

And on past matter we brought some ideas, tips and models of masks that carnival and its types, in addition to curiosities and beautiful pieces. However, today our tip is special, and it will talk a little about the main and most inspiring women’s carnival costumes (different options that we have researched especially for you).

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Kylie Jenner wears a tinkerbell fairy costume.

Costume Models for Carnival 2023

Glitter, full skirts, sequins, feathers, colors, glitter and lots of details is something that is not lacking in the most different models of carnival costumes for women.

And among the research curatorship, we selected the coolest and carnival costumes that will be in high demand during the revelry. 2023 (the images are collected from pintrest and the costumes are very colorful, different and fun). Look that:

Abadá skirt and top

The first costume is an interesting suggestion, especially for girls who want to enjoy the street carnival very comfortably and without a “traditional fantasy, properly so called”.

The suggestion is to transform the abbot’s t-shirt into a simple tied skirt, on the top it’s worth wearing a regular top (in the same color as your skirt) perfect the accessories and makeup and that’s it!

Photo google image, colorful abbot costume with accessories.

fantasy sun and moon

A super feminine costume, and quite common when a couple of friends are going to enjoy Carnival together, is the Sun and moon.

The model consists of using a simple dress or skirt and top yellow (for those who go dressed in the sun) and a skirt and a silver top (for the friend who is dressed as a moon), the accessories can also be headbands that imitate the elements of the sun and moon, as well as make-up in tones referring to the models of the costumes.

The idea, besides being super cute, is really fun, a real grace.

Sun and moon carnival costume, google reproduction.

rainbow fantasy

The rainbow costume is very feminine and ideal for those who want to wear something more colorful and super high spirits this carnival 2023.

To make the rainbow costume, just choose a dress with the theme, if you don’t have a piece in this style, it’s worth using a skirt and a multicolored top, and finally, take care of the colorful makeup, adding a lot of glitter and a lot of shine, And don’t forget to buy a rainbow-themed tiara, which is very cheerful and full of colors.

Rainbow carnival fantasy makeup, image reproduction pinterest.

Fantasy Netflix

There are those who like to dress up in streaming trends, and one of them is undoubtedly the creative Netflix female carnival costume.

To make the creative costume, it is worth using pieces such as a skirt or shorts in shades of red (the color of the Netflix logo), wearing a tiara with the respective name and to make everything even more creative, how about adopting the plaque “come maratonar a series of kisses”.

netfliix carnival costume, pintrest reproduction image.

tinkerbell fairy fantasy

Tinkerbell fairy costume is very delicate and super cute and easy to play.

To start, you’ll need a short green dress, tight and some wings that imitate the wings of the tinkerbell fairy, on your feet you can put flip flops or comfortable shoes, in addition to perfecting your hair and makeup.

Tinkerbell green fantasy, pintrest reproduction image.

sunflower fantasy

Creative, feminine and very delicate, the sunflower costume is also quite common at carnivals.

The model can be rented even in places suitable for costumes, or even use creativity in the look, attaching plastic flowers to a tulle top and skirt that imitate sunflowers, as well as using makeup with shades of yellow and a tiara with details. of flowers and leaves of sunflower.

Sunflower fantasy, fun, google reproduction image.

bunny costume

For girls who like more traditional costumes, for example, wearing a bunny costume can also be a great idea for street carnival.

When putting together the look, it’s worth betting on bunny ears, very cute that you can buy at party supplies stores, and thus use good eye makeup and a look with white shorts, a top of the same color and sneakers.

Sexy bunny costume for carnival, google reproduction image.

fantasy greek goddess

To dare and abuse the charm even the sensuality, the Greek goddess costume for carnival can be a great suggestion to use.

To make the costume is very simple, just wear a white dress with a cutout and slit, both on the bust and on the leg, use creams with a luminous effect on the body, glitter and elements from the Greek era such as tiaras with leaves and golden accessories.

This costume is quite common and can be even more charming when used in different ways, as some girls even choose a short dress for the occasion, to make the look even sexier.

Fantasy desua greek, image reproduction google.

simple mermaid

If you’re the typical case that goes to the carnival at the last minute and wants something practical, daring a glitter set with a top and skirt with glittering effects can become a beautiful simple mermaid.

On the face you can still leave the skin natural, the hair too and enjoy the carnival in a beautiful shiny look, without spending time thinking too much.

Mermaid carnival costume, pintrest reproduction image.

And if you liked our suggestions for carnival costumes, ideal for enjoying the revelry in a colorful, creative and super fun way, leave your comment.

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