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Check out the communication options!

Pagseguro is one of the most relevant payment platform options. Much used by entrepreneurs who are starting their online or physical business. In addition to the various benefits offered by the platform, it is possible to get support for possible problems with the Pagseguro number and other possibilities for communicating with the company. Check below how to contact Pagseguro.

What this article covers:

What is Pagseguro?

Pagseguro is a national company that works as an electronic payment method and also a banking institution. PagSeguro acts as a tool that works with the intermediary between payments. In addition, it is a solution that encompasses several benefits and also works for payments to be made securely to the buyer and seller.

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PagSeguro currently offers many functionalities to its users, such as receiving and sending payments and amounts of money, and financial transactions. It is a tool much sought after by companies and small entrepreneurs, as it offers low costs and is accepted by a large portion of consumers.

How it works?

PagSeguro has two functionalities: the first works through an application aimed at e-commerce and the second is the option of card machines, aimed at physical stores.

For those who work selling over the internet, PagSeguro is capable of carrying out the entire transaction between the store and the buyer. The person responsible for marketplace is in charge of choosing its own payment options, among all available are: checkout method, pag.ae, payment via email and recurring billing.

For those who work with physical stores, it is possible to order a card machine for their business. There are many models offered by PagSeguro, it is up to the seller to choose the one that best fits his store. The machines do not charge a monthly fee, only their price, which is divided into up to 12 installments.

PagSeguro is considered a totally safe tool by its users. It is able to carry out a data analysis of all purchases and guarantee security for sellers and customers. No customer information is shared with the transaction store or any third parties.

This tool also has all the essential certificates that guarantee a 100% protected virtual environment for everyone involved. The chances of fraud are almost nil.

What is the insurance number?

For users who face any kind of problem, there is a PagSeguro contact number. The company serves capital cities at number 4003-1775 and other locations at 0800-728-2174.

In addition to complaints and doubts, the numbers above also provide technical support for its customers and are open 24 hours a day, including weekends and national holidays.

How can I communicate with the company other than the phone?

In addition to the PagSeguro number, the company provides a Chat that is available to its customers from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Access to the chat is done through the PagBank application, just select the ”Service via Chat” tab in the main menu.

An e-mail is also available for those who want a more detailed service, sending can be done from this pagewith the personal data used to access the PagSeguro account.

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