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Check out the Colors to wear in Summer 2023

The summer 2023 shade palette is beautiful, and for people who have no idea where the colors of the season come from, however the pantone usually it is the company responsible for bringing the study of the tones that will have the most possibility of pumping during the year.

All this following the follow-up of fashion trends, catwalks and also the study of current circumstances, fashion phenomena and much more.

Of course, we’ve curated a range of the season’s most popular colors, their styles to get you ready for the summer season to look gorgeous, and always stay on top of fashion color updates. Follow:

Perfect color trends for summer 2023, powerful colors and styles. Playback image: Pintrest

Summer Color Trend for 2023

This summer 2023, in our research, we noticed that the most vibrant colors will be the highlight of the season, following a more solar concept that will add style to the look of girls and women, especially those who love more creative looks.

For more discreet girls, there is also a selection of lighter and more neutral tones that will undoubtedly suit the minds and looks of many.

Neutral tones purify the color palette Colors of the 2023 season and become a symbol of desire for simplicity and inner peace.

Want to find out what they are!? then see below:

Beetroot Purple

A bold and vibrant shade of fuchsia pink represents the fruits of nature.

The color is part of a selection chart for pantone for 2023, it’s super cute and perfect for putting together more trendy looks for this summer.

Pink look, a super modern trend for the 2023 summer season.

empire yellow

A luminescent yellow tone that radiates joy, this is the definition of another one of the shades made available by pantone as the color of the season.

The color, in addition to being beautiful and quite fluorescent, is modern, and was part of many pieces of the NY fashion shows.

Woman wears a fluor look, with the color empire yellow from the 2023 summer season.

fiery red

A very strong red tone with a darker background, elegant and supersaturated nuance signals an unrivaled energy intensity for this season.

Perfect to use both in punctual elements of the look and in makeup as well.

So if you love the shade of red, get ready to see this color a lot this season with fiery red.

Actress Bruna Marquezine wears a total red look, elegant with the color of the summer 2023 season.

classic green

A nourishing, elegant green imbued with wholesome qualities is how color is classified. 16-6340.

The color, which is quite vivid and in fact, will be seen in dresses and also in usual pieces, it is very vibrant and can be triumphant in any more common production for everyday life.

Camila Coelho wears a nutritious, super stylish green look. Playback image: Pintrest

crystal rose

The property of a simpler and lighter pink is also in the palette of favorite shades for summer 2023, and another shade of light pink that conveys modern romance is the suggestion of the classic color.

Mega delicate tone can be found in dresses and traditional pieces of women’s clothing, including accessories.

Delicate pink production in plus size look, summer season 2023. Reproduction image: Pintrest

blue perennial

A blue that stands out in the color palette, blue is very beautiful and super sophisticated among the cold color options for the season, it is part of the more neutral nuances.

Perfect for more discreet women or perennial blue it is modern, sophisticated and a color that conveys peace and serenity.

Camila Coelho wears a perennial skirt, blouse and blue blazer in a look with boots. Playback image: Google


A clean, pure, chic, watery aqua tone.

Among the tones with a more neutral, silent and less impactful presence, we have the skylight as the favorite for this 2023 season.

The color that represents the soft and relaxing promises to be also a color for fashion and design this year, it will favor the most simple and intimate looks.

Elegant and modern combination, light blue look and fuchsia pink shoes, mix of two trending colors this season.

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