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Check out the changes coming next year!

It is quite common nowadays for workers to choose to have their own business and be an individual micro-entrepreneur, however, MEIs need to be aware of the changes that will occur in 2022.

What this article covers:

What will change in MEI 2022?

The changes that are planned for MEI activities in 2022 are related to the new obligations in the social security field and also in the hiring of employees, in addition to having a change in the billing limit that is allowed for the category.

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Beforehand, it is necessary to be aware of the current rules that have been established for the activity, as well as the activities that are allowed for the MEI. Thus, to be formalized as an individual micro-entrepreneur, the business must have an annual gross revenue of up to R$ 81,000, in addition to having only one employee hired if there is any need.

In addition to the basic requirements, the MEI must not have another business or company opened in its name, is not a holder or partner in another company and does not have a partner in the trade that will be opened.

When exactly will the changes start to take effect?

The changes for the category are scheduled for 2022 and, in view of that, those who are already individual micro-entrepreneurs need to pay attention to the obligations that will start to be applied next year.

Among the possible changes in the obligations of the MEI, it is necessary to highlight the social security obligations that are aimed at the FGTS, changes in the total limit of the annual gross revenue and regarding the dismissal of employees.

What is a MEI?

The MEI, an acronym that refers to individual micro-entrepreneur, refers to a simpler business model with the aim of making it easier to formalize the activities of people who work autonomously. Even though it is an interesting option for workers who want to own their own business, to be a MEIfirst of all, it is necessary to follow some requirements.

The main requirements are associated with the worker’s annual billing limit, the number of employees they can be hired for and also the economic activity to be carried out.

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