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Check out the annual readjustment of food and transport allowances for public safety agents!

This Thursday, the 16th, the Legislative Assembly of Rio approved Bill number 4,668/2021, which refers to the increase in the values ​​of benefits on food and transportation for Public Security agents. With the decision, this amount may be increased annually from now on.

Now, the project will be forwarded to the sanction of the Governor of Rio, Cláudio Castro (PL), who will have up to fifteen working days to make the decision.

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How much will this year’s readjustment be?

With the approval of PL 4,668/2021, the food allowance for agents will be worth R$60 per day of service, while the transportation allowance will be increased to R$600 per month. The Bill establishes that, now, these values ​​are readjusted year after year, always in the month of January.

These corrections must be made based on the accumulated percentages, in the previous 12 months, of the Extended National Consumer Price Index (IPCA), a table that serves as a reference for other adjustments as well, such as the minimum wage, for example. In Rio, these benefits had not been adjusted for a long time. The food allowance was the same since 2011, while the transport allowance was still the same as in 2012.

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The text of the PL clarifies that it will not affect some specific benefits, such as Income Tax, contribution to social security or any discount. The readjusted aid will also not be considered in the calculation basis for any other advantage nor will it be part of the assignable margin of public security agents.

the deputy Filippe Poubel, one of the authors of the text, commented that the current amounts of aid are “shameful” and that professionals who take daily risks to maintain safety in society deserve recognition. He also emphasized that he hopes that the state governor can sanction the PL.

What do public safety agents do?

The public security agent is the professional responsible for carrying out actions that guarantee the safety of everyone in society. Watching public facilities and places, taking care of people’s physical integrity, looking after public property and compliance with laws and regulations are some of the attributions of these servers.

Their work is a very important part of democracy and essential for maintaining social order.

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