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Check out some book and course tips to improve!

Knowing how to control your personal finances is essential for anyone who wants to have a good quality of life and keep a clear conscience. Well, when we are in debt and the payment slips are close to due date, stress arises, which destabilizes other areas of our lives.

For this reason, we want to help you with some book and course tips to improve your personal finances.

What this article covers:

What to do to improve finances?

Initially, it is necessary to define which point you are starting from. Gather your accounts and check the amount in your bank account to see if you are in trouble or have a fair amount.

From there, grab a pen and paper to write down all your monthly expenses. Include fixed expenses (electricity bill, internet, supermarket, etc.) and variable expenses (delivery, shopping, etc.).

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Now just compare with the salary you receive with your monthly expenses. If spending exceeds your salary, check where you can save to resolve this issue.

Paying off debts is the priority, so try to negotiate, have an extra income or save to make this possible.

Books and courses to improve finances

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

This book shows how millionaires think and what train of thought it takes to get there. It briefly tells the story of the writer, Harv T. Eker and teaches valuable tips for dealing with money.

The Smart Investor

Written by Benjamin Graham, it is one of the most renowned books when it comes to investment. The knowledge is so extraordinary that it has already helped Warren Buffet to enter the world ranking of richest people. Ideal for you who are still laymen and want to learn to invest.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

A book focused on financial education, which shows that the teachings to have a good financial life come through small lessons passed on from parents to children. Written by Robert Kyosaki??

Who Thinks Grows Rich

This book was written by Napoleon Hill based on research focused on the most successful men in the world. After careful analyses, he was able to detect the 15 attributes that these men have in common.

If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend picking one up and soaking up all the most important tips. In fact, to succeed in any field, you have to learn from the best.

How to take care of your personal finances?

The most basic tips have been explained previously. Now, let’s get straight to the crucial points for managing personal finances more efficiently.

  • Spreadsheet: can be online or in your schedule. Write down all expenses for the month, and check if they correspond with what you planned.
  • Don’t compromise all your income. Have an extra reserve in case of an emergency.
  • Write it down on the calendar and if possible a reminder on your cell phone, so you don’t forget to pay the bills on the correct day. Thus avoiding the dreaded interest.
  • Learn to invest your money. If you make your money yield passively, you will be able to accomplish other goals without having to do extra work.

These are some of the amazing tips you can learn from the indicated books. Select one and learn how to improve your personal finances effectively.

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