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Check out 10 amazing tips for healthy hair

Having beautiful hair every day like at the hairdresser’s is every woman’s dream. But maintaining your hair can become a real headache, especially when you regularly test methods that don’t work.

Depending on the texture, length and condition of your hair, you may need to adapt your beauty routine for good results.

However, if you take care of your hair while making hair mistakes daily, you will never have the silky hair you dream of!

In this article, discover 10 tips to take care of your hair daily and, above all, keep it sublime in the long run.

1. Brush your hair before washing it

To have beautiful hair naturally, there is only one solution: take care of it.

No matter the texture of your hair, combing your hair before showering helps preserve its strength in the long run. In fact, wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair.

young woman brushing her hair

In addition, brushing makes it possible to evenly distribute the sebum, the natural oil produced by the scalp, from the roots to the tips. After the shower, your hair is already untangled and ready to receive hair care products and care!

2. Avoid heating devices as much as possible

A tip that all hairdressers recommend, and that is valid for both curly hair and straight hair.

Heating devices like hair dryers and flat irons weaken your hair, so it’s best to use them as little as possible, if ever.

young woman straightening her hair with a straightening iron

But if you have trouble imagining your hair without drying, get a protective spray before use and prefer steam devices: rollers, diffusion dryer, etc.

And for curly hair, think old-fashioned curls!

3. Keep your hair clean

While this advice may seem useless, it’s not necessarily so: the poop-free movement and its benefits on hair have been touted a lot in recent years, and the results can be miraculous on some hair.

However, it is essential to adapt to your hair and observe its needs. What will suit one person will not necessarily suit another person, with totally different and far from positive results.

The only rules to follow are the ones your hair imposes on you: a routine that brings you silky, shiny and soft hair.

Sometimes it takes a few months to find the perfect routine, but once you find it, you’ll have beautiful, healthy hair.

4. Choose the right ingredients

With all the hair products out there, it’s often tricky to find your way around. Not to mention that each type of hair requires different care!

For shiny, healthy hair, choose fortifying and nourishing ingredients such as vegetable, plant and algae oils.

The right ingredients also depend on the porosity of the hair: Afro hair will withstand coconut oil much better than fine hair, for example.

Some ingredients can also change the hue of colored hair, such as lemon, which is best suited for reviving blonde hair.

5. Favor a rich and balanced diet

This advice applies to your health in general, but also to having beautiful hair like Indian women!

Hair is made of protein and will particularly appreciate it if you eat fish, eggs or beans.

fruits and vegetables for beautiful hair

Spinach and berries are also a great source of nutrients as they are rich in vitamins C and E. These promote collagen production, so you have beautiful thick hair.

In addition to your diet, there are food supplements that include the key nutrients your hair loves.

6. Take the opportunity to make hair masks

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget to take care of your hair.

Masks are essential for smooth and shiny hair, and you can make a homemade recipe quickly with ingredients from your cupboard: olive oil, eggs, honey… You have a choice.

homemade hair mask ingredients

There are also natural care products offered by organic brands like Mademoiselle Bio or Léa Nature, which are a good alternative if you want natural without doing it yourself.

7. Don’t forget the conditioner

After shampooing, the hair is washed of any impurity and the hair fiber is exposed.

To avoid damage caused by external aggressions, it is essential to apply hair care, and conditioner is the first.

The conditioner helps keep hair frizz-free after drying, and makes it soft and silky by proper rehydration after shampooing.

It also protects colored hair, and helps to further define curls of wavy hair.

8. Find the right products and stick to them

If some would argue that in a beauty routine, change is a good thing, this is not the opinion of all hair experts.

Ideally, once you’ve found the hair routine that fits your hair, it’s best to stick with it: use the products that work and don’t try to innovate.

hair product bottles

Of course, the needs of hair change over time: at age 20, long thick hair will not have the same needs as a finer gray hair start at age 40.

‎The main thing to remember is that you should use products that are good for your hair, without constantly testing new treatments.‎

‎9. Limit sun exposure‎

‎The sun’s UV rays are not the skin’s best friend when exposure is prolonged, and the same goes for hair. The only difference is that the damage is less visible since it doesn’t blush!‎

‎However, prolonged exposure to the sun can devitalize the hair and cause long-term damage, especially when combined with other factors such as salt water and wind.‎

jeune femme bears a hat to protect ses cheveux du soleil

‎In addition to protecting yourself with sunscreen and a hat, consider applying a leave-in conditioner to your hair on vacation days.‎

‎10. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase‎

Most people sleep on cotton pillowcases, and this fabric creates friction with the hair: in the morning, you end up with frizz and loose hair.

To avoid this, there are tips and tricks: opt for a silk pillowcase that protects the hair fiber. This advice applies to all hair types, from fine hair to frizzy hair.

young woman sleeping on a silk pillowcase

Finally, one last bonus tip: Avoid sleeping with your hair unattached, but instead sleep in a pineapple bun or a loose braid, secured with a silk darling.

Your locks will be under control to prevent the worst when you wake up!

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