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Check C6 Bank credit cards

Want a credit card and don’t know where to start looking? We will show you the C6 Bank credit cards and all the advantages they can offer both in terms of financial and benefits.

Come with us to know all the C6 Bank credit cards and everything they can offer you, check it out!

What this article covers:

What is C6 Bank?

C6 Bank is a fintech, which using high technology offers a digital account where you can have access to cards, products and services of excellence and that you can enjoy both individually and with your family and friends.

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In addition, the services provided are not only for individuals, but also for legal entities and individual micro-entrepreneurs.

What are C6 Bank credit cards?

C6 Bank credit cards are varied and have a very special feature: customization. Through this, it adapts to your own particular tastes, you can either choose the name that appears on the card, or the personalized color. C6 Bank credit cards are:

  • C6 Debit Card;
  • C6 card;
  • C6 Platinum Card;
  • C6 Carbon Card.

Being respectively from the smallest to the biggest advantages. In addition, the C6 Carbon card has an annual fee of BRL 85.00 per month, exempt for the first 3 months, but with a 50% discount for those who spend over BRL 4,000 and a 100% discount for those spend from R$8,000 or for those who invest from R$50,000 in CDBs from C6 Bank itself.

Advantages of C6 Bank Credit Cards?

C6 Bank credit cards have several advantages. In addition to customization that seeks to bring a sense of control to its customers, this feeling goes beyond the aesthetic function: it is also financial.

Some of the common benefits among all cards are the free digital account, payment by approximation, 24-hour specialized service, as well as no investment fee.
Finally, there is also the score in the Átomos program, which allows the customer to exchange points acquired through the use of the card for items or even cashback. An important point about the program is that it has no cost for participation and does not have an expiration date, making the points available until the customer wants to make the exchange.

In addition, for those who have access to the C6 Bank Platinum and Carbon cards, it has some advantages of its own. For Platinum there is a corkage exemption in some restaurants, travel assistant, car insurance, MasterAssist Plus and the Mastercard Travel Rewards, and option to have 1 additional card. For Carbon, in addition to the previous advantages, there is also Priceless Cities, unlimited access to the Mastercard Black VIP room in Guarulhos and 6 additional free cards.

How to apply for a C6 Bank credit card?

To apply for C6 Bank credit cards is very simple. Just download the application on your cell phone, follow the guidelines informing your personal data and sending all the photos requested for opening an account.

How to apply for a C6 Bank credit card
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After that, enter the address information and customize the card. With 15 calendar days the card will be delivered and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that C6 Bank cards can offer you.

See how simple it is? Now that you know everything about C6 Bank cards and their advantages, download the app and have all this technology at your disposal!

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